1. C


    So I have been having issues with the Mini 806 for about 4 months. I bought it just over a year ago, and it seemed to work fine besides the magnetic filter vibrating in my car. Basically it turns off and on constantly when driving. Sometimes there is a mixture of on and off within a second...
  2. E


    Hey Guys! I recently purchased the Auto-Vox A118C model from amazon after seeing impressive sample clips and reviews from YouTube and the web! To clarify, i purchased from Auto-Vox amazons page and not some fake one of eBay/copy model! Link: You can see the reviews are even good! I received...
  3. adrianjpb

    Deformed plastic housing

    Hello everyone and sorry if the topic has been discussed above, I searched and found nothing about it. A couple of weeks ago I left my car in direct sunlight and upon arrival noticed the plastic camera housing was deformed. Unbelievably the camera works properly, but the recording angle, change...