blackvue 900x

  1. R

    Starting voice recording..... voice recording off.... starting voice recording... voice recording off

    I'm so done with Blackvues flagship dashcam - it is an absolute piece of garbage. It is bad enough that I need to push the button to turn off wifi every time I get in the car, or else have it start randomly saying "wifi connection already in use". (Why can't the Wifi default to OFF, and on the...
  2. eden188

    Recommendation of Dash cam installer - Hampshire area (UK)

    Just wonder if anyone could recommend a reputable dashcam installer in the Hampshire area (around GU46) to be exact. It is for a Blackvue DR900X-2CH (front and rear) camera to be hardwired. I have installed one myself to my wife's car (Nextbase 622 front & rear), I was ok with doing it as it was...
  3. rcg530

    BlackVue DR900X-2CH Dash Camera / BlackVue Cloud CM100LTE - Reviews

    A three video series where I review the BlackVue DR900X 2-channel dash camera along with the BlackVue Cloud CM100LTE 4G LTE connectivity module for North America. Pittasoft provided the BlackVue DR900X-2CH dash camera and BlackVue Cloud CM100LTE 4G LTE connectivity module for free to review...
  4. SNIPE

    Egen Cellink NEO 9 Dash Cam Battery Pack

    Hello folks I just purchased the Cellink NEO 9 Dash Cam Battery backup to use with my Black Vue 900X camera. Problem is do I use a constant 12V power supply from the cars fuse box and then connect the green cable from the cellink 12V into the switched 12V on the cars fuse box, I take it doing...