1. S

    Dash cam power supply

    I'd like to ask a question - I need to instal longer cable (USB - Mini USB-B) in a car as power supply for dashcam. But when I do this, camera will start to blink and keeps shutting down, memory errors and such troubles (not usable). Several cables (also widths of them) tried. It seems to me...
  2. A

    Shorter rear cable for A129 Duo

    Hey, does anyone know where I can get a rear cable for my dashcam specifically a 2.5m one? The one I have is the 6m which came with the dashcam which is wayyyy to long and I don’t have space to tuck it in etc. I’ve tried contacting Viofo and unfortunately they don’t make one in 2.5m length or...
  3. Skittle

    Cable cover questions

    1) Are there any pictures or videos demonstrating the optimal way to fit & run cables in the cover? There's a nice video on it for the SG9665GC, but I couldn't find anything for the SGGCX2PRO's different cable cover I sorta figured out a way that fits but I was wondering if there was a...
  4. T

    [DR-02D] Short cable between dash cam and rear cam?

    I have a DR02D but in my convertible there is no place to mount the rear cam on the rear window, it would interfere with folding the roof down. So my cam is mounted on a 3D printed wedge right next to the dashcam, facing rearwards over the passengers. With the cameras right next to each other...
  5. B

    Extention cable for rear camera

    Hi all, After getting hit in the rear just before Christmas I've ended up buying two Mini 0906 camera sets - one for the car and another for the van. Got the first one fitted in the car and it seems fine. Sadly trying to fit the second one into the van and the cable isn't long enough. In a...
  6. B

    AV output problem

    Hello Before I bought this device, I got it by thinking that I would transfer the camera image to the multimedia device via wi-fi. (I didn't know the bit rate was down) When I used Wi-fi in a continuously open position, I had a deadlock problem after a period of time. I decided to use the AV...
  7. Ferginator

    Questions about the purchasing the DR650S-2CH IR MicroSD and Cable?

    I had some questions as I was not sure if it would be cheaper to get these pieces else where. The first thing is they want to know what memory capacity I want and the price jumps $73 for a 128GB but I can find brand new ones for less online at other places like Walmart, Best Buy, Micro Center...
  8. D

    Converting cigarette lighter plug to usb

    Thinking of chopping off the cigarette lighter end and converting it to usb I know I can just buy a long cable but I'd in DIY mode right now, so has any of you done this would you consider it “safe”?
  9. TeamSAXON

    3m cable clips

    I installed my sg last week and need more of the cable clips. Unfortunately the roof lining in my car is sagging and one of the clips has lost adhesion from the foam under the roof lining. Is there a way to get extra clips or should I just buy some generic ones off ebay? (Which may or may not be...
  10. B

    Cable routing, hiding camera out of sight, etc

    Hey, I picked up a cheap G1W from eBay and threw an old MicroSD card in it just as an intro to dashcams. If it doesn't turn out to be a major pain in the arse and I feel I'm getting some value out of it then I might upgrade in future. I want the cam to be as inconspicuous as possible as I...
  11. vedranius

    Where to buy micro USB soft (ribbon) cable?

    Hi all! I have a Xiaomi Yi camera with waterproof casing, and I'd like to connect it to external power, powerbank or such. But I can't find soft Micro USB cables anywhere... Does anyone knows where to buy them? Example: On one side Micro USB male and on other normal USB 2.0 also male. As I...