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  1. TonyCams

    SJCAM A20 4K Dashcam + BodyCam - Gyro Stabilization Starlight Night Vision + TS HD Video Format - Quick Review

    The SJCAM A20 bodycam is the improved version of the A10 which was released 2 years ago. The upgraded A20 adds 4k @ 24fps video recording, Gyro stabilizationand TS HD video format. In addition, the A20 has a new feature which is called "Starlight night vision." In addition its being a bodycam...
  2. G

    Dashcam with AV-out

    Hi. I've already bought the Viofo A119 dashcam, which I think is great (maybe not yet perfect as a feature, but is advancing very fast and improving a lot) on the front glass and I would also like to put a dashcam on the rear. I just tried to put the A119 on and try too hard (I would not like...
  3. Yolanda Erwin

    Lowest Price $49.80 & FREE shipping to buy best Zeepin Car On-Dash Mounted Video Cam of 2017

    Zeepin Dash Cam,1080P FHD , Built-In WiFi,2.45 LCD,4-Lane Wide-Angle View Lens,170 degree grade wide angle lens,G-Sensor, WDR, Loop Recording, Night Mode, 2-Port USB Charger, Parking monitor Main Features: It uses a Novatek NT96658 chipset, and a Sony IMX323 sensor. Crystal -Clear...
  4. kobo

    Don't let its size detract you, make a carry case.

    One thing I noted people complain about with the YI dash cam is its size, and color, making it less then discreet and an invitation to thieves. I understand that concern, I frequently need to park in a town where it is of great concern, in fact I have already had a window smashed on my vehicle...
  5. KEHAN

    Most Affordable Dual Lens Dashcam with Rearview Mirror - KEHAN H10

    If you're looking for a dual lens or rearview mirror dashcam, the KEHAN H10 would be a good steal. KEHAN H10 FHD Dual Lens Dashcam with Rearview Mirror: (50% off for Black Friday) Reduce visual obstructions while driving with the KEHAN...
  6. Jayavardana Vel

    Beelink CA1 Car Drive Recorder (

    Beelink has sent me a sample unit of their new Beelink CA1 CAR DVR which is a Car Dashcam DVR (digital video recorder) with Hi3518E chip, Aptina Ar0230 Image Sensor with HD night vision image Sensor. You can get more information from this link...
  7. jadohogan

    Rearview Mirror Drive Recorder

    Herein , I write to introduce rearview mirror , and sincerely welcome to share your opinion in hrere fro RMDVR Rearview mirror drive recorder is hot in China market , now gradually hot sell in oversea market . In the market rearview mirror DVR include 2 sub series : Normal recorder and Smart...
  8. Doreen888

    How do you think of WIFI dash cam with screen?

    As the the title what I said, do you like the dash cam without the screen?
  9. jadohogan

    New : JADO D660S-AD

    JADO D660S-AD 5' inches LCD display screen 5 mega lens pixels 140 degree wide angle F1.9 Super aperture WDR Resolution : Front 1080P /30fps ; Back 720P/ 25fps waterproof camera ADAS :LDWS , FCWS H.264 coding Loop recording & SOS recording G-sensor Motion detection ( support front...
  10. Alice0422

    Collection of Dash cam from Taobao

    The follow 2 are the hot selling in Taobao Monthly sale :24082 price: $58.85 Monthly sale :24082 price: $88.36 Is it cheaper enough? want to reach it from Taobao? then help you shopping from China
  11. jadohogan

    Review JADO D760

    JADO D760 Portable Dashcam Feature as blow : NT 96650 chipest OV4687 Resolution: 1920*1080p 30fps WDRI
  12. GearBest

    2019 GearBest Daily Deals

    Hello Guys, GearBest is more than just a shopping site, it's designed for gadget lovers by gadget lovers. We have a passion for all kinds of tech from retro style to the absolute cutting edge. We offer worldwide free shipping for various kinds of Dash Cams, you could check it here. And you...
  13. jadohogan

    Review : JADO D169S Mini Dashcam, portable Car DVR

    JADO D169S Mini Dashcam , portable Car DVR 1.5 inches LCD screen 500 mega lens pixels 140 degree wide angle AIT8427 Chipest Resolution : 1920*1080p F1.9 super large aperture G-sensor Motion detection Seamless & SOS recording LDWS H.264 coding, AVI format
  14. jadohogan

    Review JADO D780S NT96655 chipest , Front and Back camera

    JADO China #D780S 4.3 inches LCD screen NT96655 chipest Resolution : 1920*1080p 500 mega lens pixels 140 degree high resolution wide angle H.264 coding , MOV format LWDS ( Lane departure warning system)
  15. ihyre

    ihreesy™ Dual Lens Car Mirror Revirew

    Well I thought I was getting this to put into my car but as soon as my husband saw it, that all changed. The first thing that made him want it was the blue tint color of the mirror. He is really sensitive to bright lights at night and really liked this feature of this camera. Then I explained to...
  16. jadohogan

    JADO V690S Smart Rearview Mirror Driving recorder ( Car DVR )

    JADO V690S Samrt Rearview Mirror Drive recorder Strong over your think Alibaba Yun OS Smart Voice Control ( stronger than SIRI ) 7.36 inches Full touch screen GPS Navigation Support WCDMA(3G ) WIFI Bluetooth Front and Back camera HD1080P , Park video etc . Over your think !
  17. jadohogan

    JADO D660 (BLUE MIRROR ) ENTERY LEVEL Rearview mirror DVR

    JADO D660 Rearview Mirror Car DVR . 4.3 inches LCD display screen . 500 mega Lens pixels . 140 degree wide angle lens . G-sensor . Motion detection . Cycle recording , SOS recording . One click recording & photograph & tun off sound
  18. jadohogan

    JADO D660 (BLUE MIRROR ) ENTERY LEVEL Rearview mirror DVR

    JADO D660 Rearview Mirror Car DVR . 4.3 inches LCD display screen . 500 mega Lens pixels . 140 degree wide angle lens . G-sensor . Motion detection . Cycle recording , SOS recording . One click recording & photograph & tun off sound
  19. ihyre

    ihreesy Dual-Lens Car Camera Car DVR

    Hi guys, we offer amazingly low prices for ihreesy Dual-Lens Car Camera Save $40 Via Code:RWZ9782I -----Only $49.99 for 1080P Large Rear View Mirror
  20. jadohogan

    JADO D610S-AD , Front and Back camera H1080P

    JADO D610S-AD , Front and Back camera H1080P , ADAS 4.3 inches TFT LCD screen , anti flare blue mirror . Resolution : Front camera : 1920*1080 30fps , Rear camera:1920*1080 30fps 500M Len pielxs , 1200 million photo pielxs . F1.9 super aperture NT 96655 chipest + OV sensor + 6 layers glass...