1. -Pizdys-

    [HOT] Power Bank test and comparison! Cellink NEO6 vs PowerCore 6200LFP, Anker, Xiaomi, Elecjet, Bosch AGM 60Ah, Chargetech!

    Testing & reviewing power banks for dashcams: Cellink NEO6 - Blackvue B-124X (Korea) Power Core 6200LFP (United Kingdom) Power Core Extended 13400LFP (United Kingdom) Anker PowerCore 26800+ (China) Xiaomi 10 000 (China) Elecjet Traveler 5000 - World-first Graphene Composite power bank! (USA)...
  2. -Pizdys-

    LiFePO4 and LTO power bank for dash camera fully manufactured in the UK (Europe)

    From April 2020 I'm testing LiFePO4 and LTO power bank fully manufactured in the UK, Manufacturer planning to open a second manufacturing line in Germany (there will be stamp "Made in Germany"). I have received two battery versions for testing purposes (based on LTO and LFP Cells). Power bank...
  3. F

    A few questions after setting up my Thinkware U1000

    The setup is the U1000 with front and rear cams, the radar, all powered by a cellink neo6 that’s hardwired to the car. 1. Will it ever go into parking mode like this? 2. How do I start/stop a manual recording? 3. In continuous mode there are hundreds of videos that are all 3 to 20 seconds...
  4. T

    U1000 connection into Cellink Neo

    Hi, I have a Thinkware U1000, and a Cellink Neo. My problem is that I have only the following cable for the Thinkware dashcam, what connects to fusebox. How can I connect the dashcam into the battery. Can I modify this cable to connect somehow into the battery or I have to get an another...
  5. C

    USA FS Brand New Cellink Neo

    I have a brand new Cellink Neo that is in box with all accessories (unused). SOLD Thank you
  6. S

    Thinkware U1000 4K day time footage

    Bought it on Amazon (blackboxmycar). Very easy to install as I already have a F770 and a Cellink B battery installed so I don't have to rerun the wires. Pretty good 4K quality.
  7. EsQueue

    Insides of BlackVue B-124 (DIY 11,852 mAh @12.8v / 151.7 W/h + extension battery for under $50?)

    Hello, I just decided to take apart my brand new BlackVue B-124 and post some internal pictures as I couldn't find any. I found out a few things from doing this. On the picture of the circuit board the board name is NEO6 REV-G. I didn't separate the batteries from the upper part of the case as...
  8. M

    New BlackVue 900s 2CH with Cellink Neo6 Battery and expansion

    Hello everyone , this is my first post Not sure if anyone tried this setup , the objective is to keep all cameras working, battery charged while the car is parked for longer periods i am attaching a crude drawing of my 2 X BV 900 2CH dash cam setup., using two separate power sources to charge...
  9. J

    DIY Cellink-B output cable

    Hi all, I'm looking to DIY an output cable for Cellink-B with female cigarette socket, as the one that came stock was too short for my need. The cable that I require looks like this (pic 1) However, I don't live in the US so I don't have access to their accessories. I plan to DIY the above...
  10. M

    Cellink b vs LiFePO4 deep cycle battery

    Has anybody wired the dash cam to a deep cycle battery (e.g. LiFePO4)? Is there any reason it shouldn't work as well as the cellink-b but with higher capacity and lower price? There would be the issue of recharging it, but apart from that it may be cheaper/better option If anybody wants to pitch...
  11. T

    Cellink B 12V plug (charging the Cellink) is running hot

    I just installed my Cellink B today. I tried it at the 7.5A setting as my Hyundai Tucson has 12V aux power sockets rated at 180W, so 15A. I know the instructions say 5A on a plug, but I assumed that was to cope with the worst car - and the wire gauge was the same for both plug and hardwire cable...
  12. A

    SGZC12SG with Cellink B Battery

    I recently invested in a Cellink 2.0 battery to power two SG dashcams (SGZC12SG and SGZC12SS) and wonder if anyone else has been able to get this setup to work reliably. I'm having problems with the Cellink battery not powering the dash cams after turning off the ignition. I've tried different...
  13. U

    k1S & Cellink - Perfect together?

    OK, so I have been looking at the pros and cons of this camera. One requirement I have is parking mode. A drawback of this cam seemed to be that it doesn't have supercaps and the internal battery if left inside could either expand, damage the DVR unit, cause a fire in the vehicle, or...
  14. U

    Should I buy a PMP-type of device for this setup below?

    If I have my dash cam hardwired to the fusebox and connected via a Cellink, T-Power Plus or some other similar secondary battery UPS, should I still buy a Battery Discharge Prevention device, such as the Lukas LK-290, Power Magic Pro, or ("the Mercedes of BDPs") the Vico-Power Plus? I am not...
  15. U

    Battery-based dash cams, Cellink/T-Power Plus α, and Super capacitors

    Does anyone here know the answer to this question: Do I need to mess with Super Capacitors if my (battery-based) dash cam (e.g., Koonlung K1S) will be connected to a UPS-like battery system such as a Cellink...
  16. T

    Cellink B (2nd Generation) plus Expansion in the UK ?

    I am after 2 x Cellink B plus 2 x Expansion Packs and I am in the UK. Potential import from Canada but wondering if anyone knows of a better / more easy means of getting them to me ?
  17. T

    Best High Capacity Powerbank Options ?

    After hundreds (thousands ?) of pages of research, I decided to split down my search into components. So here is my question on how to provide back up power once the vehicle is parked. These are to run a dual camera system with the best HD video I can find. QUATTRO Power Pack X10 Dash Cam...