connection problem

  1. S

    Connection Cancelled, You have cancelled the connection to the Dash Cam

    After updating the mynextbase app on iOS (I have an Iphone 12 pro, with IOS 14.7.1) I now get the following error, "Connection Cancelled, You have cancelled the connection to the Dash Cam." I have tried to reset my phones connections, I have tried to delete and re-download the app, I have tried...
  2. aralimrob

    Thinkware Cloud app will not connect to iPhone hotspot nor WIFI

    Hello I really could use some help please Thinkware q800pro can't find WIFI It finds or pops up after about 30 minutes , once I open the app and go to the setup it disconnects. so again try for 30 minutes connects it never end Am not sure what am doing wrong Ford 2018 F150 it does have WIFI and...
  3. N

    My Nextbase Player & MacBook Pro problem

    Hi Guys I'm brand new to this forum and this is my very first post, I've found myself here due to an issue I'm having with my 622gw dash cam and the my nextbase player on my MacBook Pro. The issue I'm having is when connecting the dash cam to my MacBook, it's not bringing anything up at all on...
  4. T

    U1000 connection into Cellink Neo

    Hi, I have a Thinkware U1000, and a Cellink Neo. My problem is that I have only the following cable for the Thinkware dashcam, what connects to fusebox. How can I connect the dashcam into the battery. Can I modify this cable to connect somehow into the battery or I have to get an another...
  5. D

    Connecting Backup camera Wimius

    Dear all, I bought this dash cam that has a 2,5mm jack for AV in. I open the camera that came with the dashcam to know wich pin was the video signal. Unfortunately I am not able to connect any universal camera. Can sameone help me? Why does the cameras are not compatible with the dash cam...