1. M

    Best alternative 2" to 3" lcd screen for Xiaomi yi action camera?

    Is there any other small lcd screen that doesn't require battery and bigger and sharper than this?
  2. Hex

    SG9665GC V1 corrupts last file (solved)

    Hello again, I had troubles with corrupt files with my SG9665GC V1 and thought sharing it here might be useful if someone has the same error. So what happened? I wanted to browse the recordings but every file smaller than 345+ MB was corrupt and could not be displayed with VLC or...
  3. 4kfan

    Rotate Screen?

    Hi all, i regrettably broke the screen of my Yi 4K :( My hope is to rotate the screen to reach the settings in the top corner where the touch panel is broken... Since the cam has a software stabilization there must be a gyrometer in there... right? So, is it possible to set a function in the...
  4. A

    DR550-2CH GPS Speed Issue

    Hello everyone!! I was wondering if someone may have had this issue or may know a way to fix the problem. Lately, I have not been getting the speed reading on the camera. The GPS light is blue and working, I get good GPS location on the map but it is not reading the speed, all it shows is "---...
  5. thancam

    I Need help - VLC problem.

    when i use vlc - on my lap elitebook 8460p win 7 64bit - to play video, this is what it display. what I have to do now to fix this problem ? can anyone may help me ?
  6. F

    Washed-out A118C display

    Hi Folks, My very first post! The display of my year-old A118C (bought from Foxoffer on eBay) now has a washed-out look. Daytime video is ok but that for nightime has deteriorated from when the dashcam was new. The links for the pics of the display are...
  7. TwentyFIngers

    Is it possible to turn the screen off while recording?

    Hello, I want to buy the mini 0805 and use it as a rear camera. Is it possible to turn configure the camera so the screen will remain off while recording? Thanks.
  8. M

    Turn off data display?

    I've just purchased and installed a DR650GW-2CH. I'm reasonably happy with it so far but I'm still trying to get it set up exactly how I want it to be. One thing I'd like to do is completely disable (turn off) the on-screen display at the bottom of the screen. So far, I've only been able to...