1. S

    Firmware for DOME HAB201/Blackview HS998

    I'm looking for firmware for DOME HAB201/Blackview HS998 mirror card dvr ambarella A12 with GPS. The actual firmware is LD-AMF-G-3063Y. I want to update the firmware because the camera is restarting after 10-18 minutes of recording and the message "recovering..." appear on the screen. I would...
  2. S

    Which cam has the best image/video quality?

    Hey all- So I know a bunch of the market leading/best selling cameras have a ton of features like accident detection, radar detection, GPS, etc. That's all well and good but based on the limited number of video footage I've seen, they many of these still lack in image quality. The only dash...
  3. S

    Newbie q: What's the diff between 201, 202 and 205?

    Hey all- Sorry if this sounds like a dumb question. I've seen all the reviews of the DAB201 and the image quality seems pretty awesome - better than all the other mainstream cams I've looked at. I haven't seen nearly as many reviews of the 202 or 205 and the Dome website has a bunch of...
  4. W

    dab205 vs dome d201 vs vantrue x2 vs Fiofo 119

    Hello, i decided to buy my first dashcam. I'm not sure which one to buy. It must have GPS and a good night quality, around 100€. I think these 4 are are good choice....but which? If you have a better one, please recommend me one. Thanks for your help. wonic
  5. Pianoman144

    Tutorial: How to mount a CPL-filter on the Dome D201

    Hey Community :), after i mounted a CPL-filter on my Dome D201, i want to share a quick tutorial how to do this because there are only filters for the D202 or D205. :cool: 1. What i have bought: - A 37mm to 49mm step up ring (filteradapter) It has to be a one with inner diameter of 37mm...
  6. W

    dab 205 shaking problem

    My video shakes a lot. When I turned the A/C on(air conditioner), the DVR shake. But other DVRs won't. Although the road is flat, the DVRs also shakes. I think that the joint is tight. So maybe is the suction cup problem Is the suction cup or the joint problem? Does anyone have the same problem?
  7. W

    DAB 205 frames problem

    Hello everyone I choosed the 1440P 30fps But there are 29 frames in every second. I also choosed the 1920x1080 60fps. But there are 59 frames in every second. 1920x1080 30fps=> 29 frames/s It always lack one frames in every second whatever I choose. I changed a lot of MicroSD cards, but they...
  8. S


    Has anyone tried the HAB201 or heard much about it? It's part of the same series as the DAB201, 205, 207, etc., and has the same model of Ambarella chip and records in 2560 x 1440 with a 150 degree angle of view, BUT, has the additional feature of being housed in a rear view mirror. I like the...
  9. hostile

    Dome D201-1 vs AUSDOM A261 - which one better ?

    Hi looking for my first dash cam Im choose between this too Which one better and whats the difference between D201-1 and D201 ?? like here vs Is it D201-1 got build in gps? i dont want it external thanks