1. iLLNESS

    Connecting through home WiFi

    So I setup the U1000 to connect to my home WiFi which seems to work fine (appears in my routers DHCP list) but when I try to connect to the dashcam from my iPhone while on the same network it says it cannot connect. The only way I'm able to connect is through my iPhones hotspot or the Thinkware...
  2. M

    Nothing found in cloud video

    Hello folks, I wonder if any of you have the same experience as mine. I have been using U1000 for a few months but so far there is no video uploaded to the cloud. It doesn’t work for both “driving impact video” nor “strong impact video recorded while driving”. I have internet connection in my...
  3. W

    Lk-350 faulty?

    Hi! I've recently purchased an LK-350 and im having some issues with the unit. For alle intents and purposes, the unit seems to work... However im unable to adjust the voltage cut off... (it's apparently set to 12.0 v by default, cutting it a little to close for comfort imod) Pressing mode...
  4. D

    A119 - Format Card Message

    I have an A119 V2 with a Lexar High-Performance microSDHC 633x 32GB Loop record set on with file size 3 minutes Reformat message set to 30 days The camera has been in the car and working fine for about two weeks. This afternoon, the camera took extra ling to power up. Finally the screen came...
  5. H

    Someone pls help me. No 720p 120 fps in eken h9

    I bought an Eken H9 on Gearbest about two months ago. I want to record slow motion video with it and it says in the specs that you can record 720p 120fps but when I go to settings it only allow me to record at 720p 30 fps. Please answer if you know how I can record slow motion video. Thanks
  6. Florida Dashcam

    Can't Select Segments of Clips on G1WH During Import. In Desparate Need of a Solution.

    Hey guys! New member here, just have a question. This is a problem I've been having, and it's driving me up a wall because NOBODY can seem to help me understand why this is happening. So I am hoping this amazing forum of all these knowledgeable people may be able to point me in the right...
  7. fallen888

    Can't connect to camera wifi (error 6)

    I used to not have this issue, but all of a sudden for a couple of weeks now I haven't been able to connect to the camera wifi. I hit the button, camera says "Wifi on", and the Android app finds the wifi hotspot name. But once I select it and enter the password, the camera says "Error six" and...
  8. D

    Lukas 7900 ACE - "Err 002"

    Team, Very frequently I start getting "Err002" error messages. When looking at the recordings on the flash card I see - recording 175Mb - recording 175Mb - recording 175Mb .....(Err002 message) - recordings 2.4 Mb - recordings 2.4 Mb - recordings 2.4 Mb - recordings 2.4 Mb Sometimes it...
  9. thancam

    Screen error

    After working 3 hours and result: How do i fix this stripe screen ?
  10. P

    LK 7200 Error 3 is it fixable?

    I have a LK 7200 about 18 months old. Couple of days ago started showing error 3. Is anyone know how to fix problem or can it be repaired and if is worth repairing? If not I guess I just have to figure it had cost me $10/month for added security. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Joshua Kriegshauser

    SD card unformattable after brief stint in DR650GW-2CH

    Two days ago I installed my newly-purchased DR650GW-2CH in my wife's 2011 Honda Odyssey. I also have a previous one in my Nissan Maxima that I installed myself almost a year ago. In the Odyssey I wired the PMP into a blank/unused fuse that has 12v with ignition off and ACC, 12v on Accessory and...
  12. scootle

    Script Error in RegistratorViewer?

    So this is odd... I have RV working fine on another computer running Windows 10, but on this Windows 7 machine I get the following script error that I can't seem to resolve. This is under RegistratorViewer, which was downloaded via StreetGuardian's website. "Script error in...
  13. S

    G1W-CB white screen (of death?)

    Hi guys, Just joined up to find some help with my G1W-CB I've just purchased and now having a big problem with. I had it all set up (through trial and error - the supplied 'manual' isn't much help) and it was working fine for the first few days. I took out the sd card to check the videos and all...