1. Timzed

    Timelapse again

    Hi folks, from what I already found here, this is a great forum with really good resources for not just the average hobby photographer. While saying this, I hope that even for this old camera I can still get some help from you guys. So yesterday I tried to create some night timelapse. I have 2...
  2. vikas027

    Exposure with CPL Filter and Time Lapse Recording?

    Hello, I have set up my new dashcam following these two videos. But still, I am not sure what should I set for these two options Time Lapse Recording Exposure (with CPL Filter) Thanks in advance. Regards, Vikas
  3. M

    How often do you encounter cameras producing this kind of video footage?

    As it continues recording the same thing, the colour fades. I get this with the original mobius and a spy pen cam. Don't see this with Xiaomi yi action or mobius maxi...
  4. K

    SJ6 Dynamic Range

    1080p 60fps Slowed and Colour Graded in post. P.s. I think SJCam should sponcer my videos. :)
  5. kotysoft

    AE Metering fine tune?

    Hi everybody. I already digged myself into the depths of amateurish customizations of MINI 0805. Currently I'm experimenting with metering table, using the pieces of informations found on this forum and the useful AFT app . Basically I have no problem with my current video quality, but I think...
  6. TeriTerryTarry

    The Effects of Changing Exposure Settings - SJ4000 Wi-Fi

    I decided to check how varying the exposure setting while holding other settings constant would affect the appearance of photographs of the same scene. I took pictures of my "junk room" (I apologize for the embarrassing mess.) with the camera set at Quality Normal, Sharpness Strong, White...
  7. luckylz

    How To: manual exposure in video mode

    While my friend needs to use 6~7 YiCams to shoot VR aka 360-degree video, and facing the issue that different angle will have different exposure value. And I've done many many testing, now finally get the solution for setting manual exposure in video mode. pls use the following steps to test by...
  8. F

    String manipulation in ash scripts

    Hello folks ! I'm new to this forum and to Yi camera too. Thank you for your work I discovered a lot of interesting things in such forum. I would like to create a script that according the time is able to change ISO and exposure used by the camera. I wrote a working bash script but unfortunaly...