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  1. S

    PEBA D80 Dashcam Firmware Editing possible?

    I brought THIS dashcam recently. Its called PEBA Dashcam D80. I saw the "Ambarella A7" marking on the dashcam casing. I don't what it stands for but after googling I found a thread about Ambarella A7 firmware editing and a tool for it. Doe's anybody own this can and/or knows if firmware modding...
  2. Falsificator

    Firmware MOD - Vico OPIA 2

    Firmware MOD - Vico OPIA 2 Changelog 28.06.2017: -exchange table of expo -settings AGC -gamma curves -added saturation +20% (video mode) -backlight compensation (HDR OFF mode) -adjusted brightness -constant bitrate 2560x1440p - 30Mbits -constant bitrate 1920x1080p - 28Mbits