firmware update

  1. Mijant

    Vantrue E3 Firmware Update Guide

    Step 1: Format the dashcam Step 2: Go to the website to download the main camera’s firmware and rear camera’s firmware. Step 3: After download the rear camera’s firmware and main camera’s firmware, them drag them to your microSD card. You can use the card rear to plug it to the PC or just...
  2. G

    Firmware update - changes?

    Looking at the nextbase website, there's a October 2022 update for the 322GW. I just want to know what the changes are/whether it's worth updating? Firmware name is I read on another post that nextbase were going to start to be more forthcoming with changelings, and I did...
  3. J

    F800/DC-H1-FG Firmware Update Issues

    Purchased a Thinkware DashCam, identified as an F800, from GM, and my dealer installed the front and rear camera. When I tried to update the firmware, I discovered that the embedded firmware was Version 1.00.00 and the DashCam model was listed as DC-H1-FG. Advised by Thinkware Support that...
  4. David Markham

    I finally lost patience with my U1000

    Good evening / morning folks - wherever you are. Now those of you who have been following my more recent posts will, no doubt, be well aware of my ongoing frustration with the U1000 and the extreme sensitivity of its accelerometer, but events this most recent Friday surrounding its ongoing...
  5. LateralNW

    Viofo Wi-Fi Dual Camera remote firmware update

    Just uploaded the latest version of Viofo wifi dual camera software. Has some great improvements. It actually checks for a camera now and doesn't say your firmware is updated when you know it's not! The previous version updated the firmware via the app once then didn't work for the next update...
  6. E

    20180912 firmware update for DV688

    Vicky from BlueSkySea sent me a Word document which contains the download link for the latest version: 20180912 I don't know why they are not providing this file on their website... the latest version there is the 20180820...
  7. Paromkin

    Firmware update to support IMX291 rear camera (SGR291CAM)

    Hi, I've recently bought SGGCX2PRO with SGR291CAM from Amazon and received instructions to update firmware in order to support rear camera. I formatted memory card using camera and copied file LDGCX2P.bin to card. Inserted it into camera and turned it on however it didn't notice any update...
  8. kevindesousa

    Problem ThiEye T5E - Black screen & LED's on after firmware update

    Hi, I bought the Thieye T5E on March 2, 2017, everything was going well, I'm really happy with the quality of this camera. Having ordered the original remote Thieye, I received yesterday, I wanted to associate with the camera via bluetooth, it said to me "error bt pairing ..." I thought there...
  9. L

    Bricked my Thieye T5e

    Tried to upgrade firmware and bricked the camera....Tried to downgrade the firmware and nothing....Can someone PLEASE help me!
  10. J

    Where can I get the newest firmware

    I just purchased this(Mini 0807) recently and am experiencing issues with it missing recordings. It seems that every 5 minutes it will beep and reset the recording time. I am missing many videos. I am hoping that a firmware update will fix. However I cannot find where to download the newest...
  11. nutsey

    1.5.6 firmware update for all HW versions.

    1.5.6 firmware from 06-Jan-2017 is suitable for 221, 231, 23A, 23S, 22L, 23L, 25L, 26L hardware revisions of Yi camera. Download update files here.
  12. sinaloaeshop

    Broke my dash cam A12 DAB201 after firmware update

    Hi I updated to firmware " DAB201_A12a55_gps_zhongxing_v2385 " And now my camera starts with car logo like always but then turns black screen. First I updated to firmware 2287 but camera worked everything but only started recording 6 seconds and stoped. So then I installed the 2385 and now I...