1. euandrecampos

    A139 3CH no 60 FPS on the front camera

    Unlike the official product announcement (currently changed without notice), the camera does not allow the option of recording at 60Fps on the front camera through adjustments via the app. Is that a problem with all of you? Reference video
  2. P

    dashcam with only 1fps

    Hi guys, i'm looking for dashcam with 1fps or few frames per minute. Doesn't matter if resolution will be 1280 x 720 or 848 x 480, etc. I just need to count people sitting in rickshaw, so i don't need fullhd :). If i decrease frames i will have lot of space for whole day (speaking about 64gb...
  3. M

    How to increase frames per second of webcam capture from 30 to 60?

    Hi Is there any way to increase the frame rate for the webcam feed to the PC? I have a Mobius 1 that is capable of 60 fps when recording to the locally inserted SD card (tested, works). When configured as a webcam it appears that the fps of the video sent to the PC is 30fps (used VLC media...
  4. R

    My only confusing setting: Frequency - 50Hz or 60Hz?

    Should I assume that those living in North America should set it to 60Hz and those who live pretty much anywhere else should set it to 50Hz? For those wondering why does it matter where you live, North America's electrical systems operate at 60Hz and televisions operate at a 60Hz (or multiples...
  5. A

    Timelapse parking mode vs event trigger parking mode

    Hi guys Just wanted to put this question out as I want to gather feedback on these 2 modes of parking mode on newer more competant dash cams. I have invested in a thinkware F770 and I have used the timelapse mode in parking. I have observed that events triggered in timelapse are recorded in at...
  6. M

    only 25fps in MINI 0805 from GearBest

    Just got my MINI 0805 from GearBest. But looking at the resolutions in the device menu there are values with 25fps only. Does GearBest sent me a wrong MINI?