fuse box

  1. S

    Just bought the Genesis 2019 AWD, just a few questions about the Thinkware U1000

    Hey All, I just purchased the 2019 Genesis G70 3.3T AWD. I'm thinking about hardwiring the Thinkware U1000 to the fuse box. The questions I have regarding the dash cam and fuse box are: 1) When I am parking at home in my garage, how would I turn off the dash cam so no battery drain is...
  2. R

    Only available switch fuse in such a poor place I cant fit the fuse holder in

    Hello, I drive a Chevrolet Impala 2011 and am hardwiring a Thinkware F70, I just go the wiring where I need it to be and when I was checking the fuses, both when the car was off and 30 minutes after, there was only one available switch fuse for me to use, all of the others were hot. The issue...
  3. M

    Which fuse location?

    Here is Kia Niro PHEV fuse box listing. Which slot would work for a dashcam that powers with Acc?
  4. C

    Hard wiring Cellink Neo (or any high current device)

    I am trying to hard wire the Cellink Neo (rated 9A, using 20A fuse) and had a couple questions. I am not an expert in electrical engineering so correct me if any of the stuff I stated below is wrong. I have tested all my fuse slots and I do not have any empty ones that are ACC, thus I have to...
  5. A

    [SOLVED] dashcam hardwire kit for VW Golf -- which fuse?

    I'm looking to get a hardwire kit for my A119 dashcam but I don't know which fuse to choose. Does it matter? I've figured out which fuse controls which component and the following fuses are off when the car is turned off (which is what I want because I don't want the dash cam killing my car...
  6. D

    Hard Wire Install - AM Radio Static

    I've been running two A119V2 cameras ( front and back) and powering them through the 12V sockets in my car. All good, no issues. Today, I hardwired the front camera using a "Dash Cam Store" install kit (http://www.thedashcamstore.com/dashcam-installation-kit-5-volt-usb-plug-mini-fuse/). I...
  7. Ferginator

    Which side of a fuse is Hot vs Cold?

    I have gone up and down the internet trying to look for this but not getting a clear answer. When I type on how to find the difference of the 2 sides, all I get are explanations telling me what each function is like hot is loader and cold is receiver and not how to physically identify which one...
  8. I

    2014 ML350 pre-installation questions

    Aloha everyone, I just placed an order for a DR650GW-1CH and a Power Magic Pro. When I looked at the wiring diagram for my vehicle, I was a bit dismayed to find that I won't be able to use the fuse box on the passenger end of the front console. I, instead, have to use the fuse box located...