fuse tap

  1. D

    Which fuses should I use on 2019 Toyota Camry for SG9663DCPRO

    I have ordered a SG9663DCPRO and it will be delivered in a couple of days. I have been reading the online installation instructions and several postings on this website. I am concerned about where to connect since this a very smart car. I have a key fob and push button ignition. I have another...
  2. R

    Only available switch fuse in such a poor place I cant fit the fuse holder in

    Hello, I drive a Chevrolet Impala 2011 and am hardwiring a Thinkware F70, I just go the wiring where I need it to be and when I was checking the fuses, both when the car was off and 30 minutes after, there was only one available switch fuse for me to use, all of the others were hot. The issue...
  3. A

    What Fuse Rating Recommended for Hardwire?

    I have purchased hardwire kit which comes with fuse tap and 10 Amp fuse . Is it too high and should I use only 5 Amp/7 Amp? Please advise.
  4. alamsas

    Hardwiring Kit fuse options

    Hi guys, I have a '19 WRX and attached is my fusebox map under the driver's side. I understand I need piggyback fuses and so I bought two.. but I realized I could plug the yellow (ACC) wire in one of the vacant slots. The red (Battery) wire however, needs to be actually piggybacked with...
  5. K

    SGDCHW pre-order questions

    It has been some time since I was here last and am looking to replace my older cam. Does the hardwire kit piggy back on a fuse, or replace it? Either way, which fuse in the panel should I use for the two connections? Thank you for your help, K
  6. Ferginator

    Can you use Fuse taps on empty slot fuse?

    Hello, I have found an empty ACC and BAT slot for the fuses to go into and I have spare 10A laying around so I was wondering is I can use fuse taps or if I cant do that? And if so, does it still need a 10A for the original front slot on a fuse tap and 3A external even if the slot was empty to...