1. modmost

    Mini 2 vs 47

    Hey folks, I am new here and I am willing to get a new DC. I came across the new Garmin lineup and I like the vault, life view, and the cloud notification options offered by them. I am planning to get either mini 2 or 47. I like mini 2 for factor and do not care much about having screen, GPS or...
  2. B

    Garmin 46 / 56 / 66 parking mode not working

    So I bought a Garmin dash cam 46 for myself with the parking mode cable. Using fuse taps, I connected it to my 2021 Subaru Impreza fuse box over the weekend. (ground to a proper metal on metal bolt, batt wire to fuse 12 (constant), acc wire to fuse 26 (accessory), tested fuse slots myself, also...
  3. M

    Garmin Cameras + External Batteries Question

    Hi Everyone I'm new to this forum and this is my first post here. My setup is 2x Garmin Dashcam Mini + Cellink Neo 6 Battery hardwired to the car battery. I just installed this all yesterday and it's working fine but I've realised I need the Garmin Parking Mode cables to use the parking mode...
  4. B

    Garmin Dashcam Mini Still overheats w/ 7.50

    Well, I had high hopes that they had fixed the problem where the camera would overheat and completely freeze and never power down. All winter long it has been working fine with the 7.50 firmware, but yesterday it was 62º out and I parked the car in the sun. The interior probably got to ~85º...
  5. B

    My Garmin Dash Cam Mini Review

    I've had my Mini since June, and despite some major overheating issue I really like it. I did a fairly long video review that contains a lot of sample footage and comparisons with and without a polarizing filter: -Brian
  6. K

    Garmin 55 warning on startup removal.

    Hi guys, I recently bought this Garmin 55 camera, works well. A few things I don't like, such as the horrendous app and software but the thing that is almost dangerous is the 15 second long warning prompt that you have to agree or wait until it times out every time you turn the car on. Not...
  7. P

    Garmin 55 Hard wire fuses

    looking to hardwire my garmin 55 using the garmin parking cable. Per the instructions, I need to -> Ground -> ACC 12V -> Battery 12V Bought to tap into the fuse box, but wanted to know what size fuses i need to add in to protect the circuits (ACC and Batt). I'm driving a 2017 Silverado. Thanks...
  8. J

    Best Resolution Setting for Garmin Dashcam 55

    Just got my replacement DC55 and so far I am happy with it. I have a parking cable installed but the parking mode off. Can I get feedback on best cam resolution setting vs light sensitivity vs recording length? Does the HDR mode really help? What is the drawback of using HDR? Is setting...
  9. D

    Garmin VIRB X Timelapse Test Video

    I got a Garmin VIRB X to use as a dashcam in place of my Garmin 35. The idea is to get a wider view angle plus more storage efficiency from timelapse. I previously used a VIRB Elite as a dashcam but that model isn't meant to run off USB and worked inconsistently. The X and XE are supposed to be...
  10. D

    Why no top level forum for Garmin dashcams?

    Garmin units are probably the best selling brand in the US, considering they are sold at every Best Buy store, Fry's, etc. Why is Garmin relegated to a subforum under "Other Brands"? I didn't even find this subforum until recently even though I've been using Garmins for 3 years!
  11. S

    unimpressed with the Garmin dash cam 35

    I decided to recently purchase my first dash cam, which I decided would be a Garmin Dash Cam 35. I knew of the other dash cams (the 10 and 20) and I was hoping this would be a step up but I must say I'm sadly disappointed in it. For one thing there are barely any settings on this thing! I cant...