1. A

    Is the Gitup Git2 diving case reliable?

    Hello, I'm going to dive next month. About 6/8 meters deep. Now I see a lot of posts about a leaked case. What is your diving experience with the Git2 case? Should I go for the GoPro diving case?
  2. M

    Git2 and BC-SJ4000c dual charger

    Hello, Is safe to use BC-SJ4000c dual charger with gitup git2 battery?
  3. Mtz

    GitUp Git1 image comparisons with 2016 dashcams

    I will upload here my videos but anybody which have a comparison with a 2016 camera can post here: Night: Day: The snapshots were taken from original videos without any reencode of any of them and the snapshots were saved in PNG format to preserve original quality...
  4. DrekiTech

    Video Review: Gitup Git2 Pro

    Gitup Git2 Pro Review Please note: Firmware Version 1.3 Rating: 4/5 Pros: Sony image sensor for high quality videos and photos Fantastic image stabilization Smooth and fast transitions from light to dark environments Wide field of view Sharp photos with lots of detail Decent dynamic range...
  5. DrekiTech

    SJ5000x Elite Vs Gitup Git2

    First time doing an action cam comparison. I hope this is useful to some of you who are on the fence about the two cameras. Heads up: this was shot with SJCam Firmware 1.2.5 and Gitup Firmware 1.3 Here's the comparison on my website with sample video/image screenshots. SJ5000x Elite...
  6. IvanZar

    Gitup git2 Videos

    Small S on curves equal more contrast and color saturation. Gyro on wdr on Sharp medium Iso Auto Sound level medium With this settings turn off after 1 hour and 10 minutes. Anotation : Sharp hard is very aufool for my.
  7. X

    Are Gitup Git1 Git2 Batteries only 730mah?

    I was following a thread on the Git2 on the RC forums and found that some people were claiming that the SJCAM and Gitup batteries were the same. Then some people started to say that the Git2 battery was labelled as 950mah while the SJCAM batteries were labelled as 900mah. Upon further searches...