1. TonyM

    GitUp F1C vs Mobius Maxi

    Both the Mobius Maxi and GitUp F1C are matchbox-sized action cameras which have modes and features that make them suitable for dashcam use. Disclaimers: I received the F1C from @gitup in July 2019 for testing I received the Maxi from @Mobius in January 2018 for testing Dimensions Maxi - 71 x...
  2. TonyM

    GitUp F1C 4K - First Impressions

    First impressions after a few days with the new GitUp F1C, a 4K action camera targeted at dashcam users with a fast F1.8 130° FOV lens and a capacitor. As expected from GitUp, the F1C arrives in a good quality box, and is supplied with a lens cap, mounting cradle, a manual and a short USB...
  3. toptenmaterial

    Git2- can't shoot RAW

    I bought the Git2 so that I could shoot super wide RAW stills. But I can't access RAW on the menu anymore. When I first got it, I installed the latest firmware, v1.8 something. I was able to shoot RAW for a little bit, but then the function disappeared from the menu. I've tried restoring default...
  4. BCHobbyist

    GitUp G3 Duo Modified Firmware MODs Archive

    Expanding my Firmware Modifications to include GitUp G3 & F1 4K Action Cameras plus A129 Duo, A119S, A119, & A119PRO Dash Cams to enhance and improve image quality and function. You are invited to Post your comments, questions, ideas & footage below. This post will be updated with all future MOD...
  5. H

    Git G3 Duo Firmware Mod

    Hi, guys! New firmware mod for Git G3 has been created. Image processing settings have been adjusted, bitrates doubled and new video resolutions (1080p50, 1080p48) added. UPDATE (2019-02-06): Fixed issues with default sensor mode added in previous version, adjusted AE and noise reduction...
  6. E

    Modifying a F1 for night vision. Help needed!

    I'm trying to modify the Gitup F1 for night vision using an IR flashlight. But after asking for help here and also in the Threeye store, I couldn't find the proper lens. The original especs of this camera are: M12 160º 8MP f 2.8 Sony 1/2.5 inch Sensor I would like to have a similar FOV and...
  7. TonyM

    GitUp F1 Review

    @gitup kindly sent me the new 4K action camera to review. This is my unboxing video and photos. Review video and photos to follow in due course.
  8. TonyM

    Gitup G3 Review

    Unboxing the GitUp G3 Duo - kindly sent to me by @gitup for review Retail Box Open Box G3 Duo in Box G3 Duo in Case - Front G3 Duo in Case - Back Open Case G3 Duo and Case G3 Duo with Lens Cap G3 Duo Box Contents Preparation for 1080p60 comparison: GitUp G3 Duo GitUp F1 Xiaomi...
  9. Mtz

    Disassembling the GitUp F1 factory sample

    I disassembled my F1 factory sample. Not 100% disassembled, but close. Photo gallery enjoy, Mtz
  10. Nigel

    Gitup G3 Video Thread

    Some Videos from the pre-production Gitup G3 Duo (Git3): Testing the Gyro Stabiliser on my bicycle over rough road, includes rear camera footage: Testing the Gyro Stabiliser with 2.2x zoom while walking: Gitup G3 Video (approaching view) mixed with DJI Phantom 4 video (air) and Gitup Git2...
  11. Nigel

    Gitup G3 Photo Thread

    Some Photos and frame grabs from the Gitup G3 (Git3):
  12. nutsey

    MOD1 firmware for Git2.

    MOD1 firmware with custom bitrate values. Based on v1.6.1. Changes: Download MOD1 here. Download MOD2 here.
  13. Sekaman

    Live Streaming on Facebook/YouTube?

    Does anybody know, is this possible with "budget cam's". The idea is to make easy and durable setup for the rallycar, so that they could stream live. Needed gear would be phone and the cam. I know that GoPro, HTC RE and Sony is capable for this. And YI 4K with latest firmware :) But how about...
  14. N

    GitUp Git 3, any info?

    Hey, is there any new info about the upcoming GitUp Git 3? I remember a thread in august that GitUp responded with info of a release in like 2-3 months and a response on another site(Nov 2) that they still need up to 2 months, but no info about it. Any new info like specs or approximate price?
  15. R

    Git2 - Start/Stop button - No longer working

    Hi Folks, Hope you can help. Was using my Git 2 today in waterproof case. All was working perfectly. Then the shutter start/stop recording button stoped working. I am now unable to start or stop a recording or take pics. Pressing for long or short periods does nothing Is there a fault ...
  16. Superleif

    Adobe DNG converter with RAW photos from Gitup Git2 - how to?

    I like to use Adobe Lightroom to work with my photos. From my another cameras there is no problem to import the RAW photos to Lightroom. With the Gitup it's not possible. I have also tried to convert them to DNG with Adobes free converter prg. I have also tried the solution mentioned here...
  17. C

    GitUp Git2 - Charging whilst filming

    For some reason I am unable to have the Git2 charging through the USB connection and working as a camera simultaneous! When I plug it in the screen comes up with a choice of : 1. - Mas Storage 2. - PC Camera Neither of which permit the operation of the camera. What am I missing? Surely you...
  18. SueTst

    Why is the Gitup is not as famous as Sjcam?

    Sorry for the stupid question. I do feel that Git2 dis a quite good performance but why Gitup seems to be not so famous in the marker as Sjcam does, even thought some of the function's performance of Git2 is better than sj cam such as better audio record, external mic, better white balance, gyro...
  19. nutsey

    Final V1.5 firmware.

    Change Log: 1. Added: 4:3 aspect ratio for 2880x2160P 24fps mode 2. Added: Wi-Fi mode option: AP, Station(Client) 3. Added: Support customize boot logo and power off logo 4. Added: Wi-Fi Auto-start option: On, Off 5. Added: Pause icon on screen while recording is paused 6. Added: Colorful...
  20. R

    GitUp - Git2 - Jitter in clip - New seen - Firmare up to date -

    Hi Folks, I took several clips with my Git2 Last Evening. I have noticed a Jitter in frames and play back that did not exist before. it is most evident when there is motion in the clip but not necessarily alot. This will make my clips not how i wish as it is as an action cam. Previously i have...