hard wiring


    Hardwiring A129 Duo in Ford F150

    I want to hardwire A129 to my F150 mainly for parking mode. Question is, which fuses should I tap for the 3 wire hardwiring kit? Which ones are on all the time (for red wire) and which ones turn on after I press start button (for yellow wire) ?
  2. marcowme

    F50 hardwiring issue

    I've had my mechanic hardwire a Thinkware F50 to my 2014 VW Polo with the Thinkware hardwiring kit. He din't use fuse taps but hardwired the cables "to the back of the fuses". The dashcam turns on and off with the car and records regularly but doesn't go into parking mode. The parking mode...
  3. J

    Dashcam Won't Turn Off During Parking Mode

    I have a 2010 Volvo XC60, Blackvue DR470-2ch dashcam, and a MotoPark Multi Safer S hardwiring kit. The problem: my dashcam won't "turn off", i.e. will continue to record video files, even when my car is off, locked, and there is no motion to trigger parking mode. Multi Safer setup: I have the...
  4. KlueBat

    DDPai M6 Plus Overheat while in Parking mode?

    I'm curious if I'm the only one with this issue. I've found that when I leave my truck parked in the sun on a warm day, that the camera will shut down completely and not record time lapse or respond to any input. When I get back in my truck and turn on the AC, the camera will automatically...
  5. OmoP

    Need dash cam advice to record the interior -- Ride Sharing

    As a part-time gig, I do ride-sharing on the side. It's well known in the driver community that Uber tends to side with the passengers story most of the time for PR reasons. And with the various sexual assault cases on the news recently by ride sharing drivers, everyone is on alert. Thus, I...
  6. T

    Please help me understand the wiring!

    Hi - after sifting around for a bit I think that a 0903 model is a good choice for me, but I want it hard-wired. I don't want the parking guard (ie I just want the thing to come on when the ignition is turned on and I don't want to use the external cigarette lighter). I've looked inside my fuse...