hardwire usb

  1. sgtjayp

    Hardwire Hardware

    I've been searching for a while and settled for the A118. Seems to get decent reviews and I like the discreteness. Question: I don't want to tie up the cigarette lighter nor have visible cords to a USB adapter. I have minimal electrical skills, but I think I can manage hard-wiring to a current...
  2. sd4x4

    Custom Mobius install with remote lens

    Mobius dashcam install Finished off my Mobius dashcam install today, pleased with the stealth look. Had the camera initially attached to the windscreen, but it hung down below the mirror so was too obvious for me from outside. Then tried to install it below the mirror housing, adapting the...
  3. OmoP

    How long b4 a dash cam drains the car battery?

    First time poster here... I would like first to give thanks to several members on this forum including @Sunny @jokiin @Dashmellow @niko @kuoh & many more. I don't know much about dash cams but after watching several YouT vidz & going thru threads on this forum, I feel much more informed. Upon...
  4. Nonowt

    0806 with auto start stop

    Hi all, I'm new here and hope someone can help. I've hard wired my 0806 intovmy mazda6 to a circuit that supply's power only with ignition on however at junctions the car has auto start stop and turnscoff the engine. At this point the camera is also turning off then back on when engine...