1. R

    Veckle mini 906 Install 2018 Honda CR-V

    My first post, forgive me if I do something wrong. Installed the mini 906 with parking kit today, first install of this type for me. I will not got into a lot of details here but will be happy to explain to anyone needing the information. I was actually thrilled at how simple it turned out to be...
  2. S

    Honda CR-V hardwire Viofo A129 GPS Dual

    Bought the Viofo A129 GPS DUAL, BlackVue Power Magic Pro (replaced with Viofo Hardwire Kit), CPL filter, Samsung Evo 128GB memory card and Bluetooth remote control. Installed into Honda CR-V MY2014 (European). I was inspired by @GWN21 instalation described here. Front camera is attached to the...
  3. Beer

    2013+ Accord owners with dashcams: Have any of you mounted your cam to the box behind the mirror?

    Hey all. The 2013+ Accords have a plastic box behind the rearview mirror that houses the front collision warning sensors (I believe). Have any of you tried to mount a dash cam to that? If so, is it stable? This is how I am considering mounting mine, but I'm worried it could introduce some...
  4. Dale Mahalko

    Honda dash clock to display/phone mount?

    The older Honda car/SUV models have a digital clock in the center of the dash, which seems to have a very popular habit of going to hell and stopping working. But really, who cares about merely a clock anymore? I've been trying to find someone who might have come up with a USB power and camera...
  5. ftpGuy

    SG9665GC Install - 2014 Honda Ridgeline

    Finally got around to doing a hard wired install of my Street Guardian SG9665GC into a 2014 Honda Ridgeline. Easy install. I won't go into a step by step install as most members know the basics but will share a few photos along with some basic info pertaining to this particular install. Initial...