Honda dash clock to display/phone mount?

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Mar 20, 2016
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The older Honda car/SUV models have a digital clock in the center of the dash, which seems to have a very popular habit of going to hell and stopping working. But really, who cares about merely a clock anymore?

I've been trying to find someone who might have come up with a USB power and camera post mount for the clock body, but nothing so far. Probably going to have to DIY it.

  1. Remove clock circuit board from clock plastic body.
  2. Use Dremel tool and disk cutter to cut circuit board and trim connector socket off of rest of clock board. (Could also unsolder the power connector, but it looks like the pins may just fall apart when removed from the circuit board.)
  3. Throw away dead clock board.
  4. Attach a USB hardwire kit and inline fuse to the clock power pins.
    1. Can use clock's Battery (B) wire for always-on operation.
    2. Can use clock's Ignition (IG) wire so it only runs with ignition on.
    3. Can use clock's Light dimmer (LI) wire if the display can do that.
  5. Reinstall connector socket into clock body, use hot glue to hold it in place.
  6. Drill a hole straight through the center of the clock body.
  7. Install a threaded rod for camera mount through drilled hole.
  8. Reinstall clock in vent cover in dash of vehicle.
  9. Mount camera display head on rod
  10. Feed display's USB power through open clock LCD face to behind clock. Plug into USB hardwire kit
  11. Shove the whole mess into the dash (lots of open space back there behind the clock body).
  12. Plug car's clock power connector back into clock body.
ISSUES: Since this uses the original Honda clock wiring harness, should not modify or attempt to use larger fuses than what clock used originally. But it looks like the Honda clock/radio +B backup fuse may be 7.5A to 10A. At 13.6v, that's a max of 102 - 136 watts. Meanwhile, the USB industry spec maximum is normally 5v @ 0.5 amps = 2.5 watts.
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