1. M

    522gw hardwire rebooting on turnover / stop-start

    Hi folks, Looking for some help with a 522GW and the hardwire kit. Installed it myself in a Ford Tourneo Custom van, and am having a problem with the dashcam rebooting when the engine is turned over or when the van restarts from the stop/start feature. Its not that the dashcam is shutting...
  2. davidr

    Hard wire kit with manual button?

    Hello guys! I have lurked around in this forum for a long time and I am running a Viofo A119 for over a year now. As my next upgrade, I will purchase a A119S for a dual cam setup. Now I wanted to hard wire those, with a more specific setup: My car is a Diesel with a pretty old battery, so all...
  3. vivid

    Please Help Me Choose A New Dash Cam

    Hi, I'm looking for a new dash cam with the following features: Parking mode G-Sensor 1440p resolution @ 30 or 60 fps Adhesive mount Ability to use a hardwiring kit for parking mode and continuous recording; I do not want to plug it into the cig. lighter Very good video quality during the day...