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  1. D

    THINKWARE Q1000 Live view - Is it reliable ?

    Has anyone with a THINKWARE Q1000 been able to reliably connect via live view and see a live view of what the cameras are seeing. I have had it working partially in the past but it went bad coincidentally with a firmware update and after months of support My unit is being replaced. I just want...
  2. karim174

    WiFi Not staying on after leaving car.

    I am unable to view live view since the update. I have my camera set to motion mode so I can use live view. Usually the Wi-Fi remains on. I've now noticed that after leaving the car, the dash cam goes into parking mode but the Wi-Fi led doesn't stay lit. I can't connect to the dash cam anymore...
  3. S

    U1000 Remote live view in endless loop without image...

    Hi all, I am new hear and hope you can help me with my issue! First I want to give you some datas about my setup. My Phone: -Huawei Mate 20X (EVR-L29) -Android 10 My Dashcam: -Thinkware U1000 -Firmware v1.00.15 My Location: -Germany My Problem: I connected the dashcam with my...
  4. S

    How much data does remote live view use?

    If I do remote live view one time, how much hotspot data does it use? Is the remote live view 4k/2k resolution or reduced resolution to do quick data transfer?
  5. G

    U1000 Cloud not working

    My U1000 dash cam (with attached radar) is getting power from an external powerbank. I have turned on the parking mode. My firmware version is v.1.00.13 I have successfully connected the u1000 dash cam to the internet via a wifi dongle, but i am unable to get live view remotely from my...
  6. karim174

    Remote live view issues after latest update

    Hi all, I'm experiencing trouble connecting via remote live view to my dash cam. Usually it connects straight away but since the last update (V.1.00.13) it does not connect anymore and gets stuck at this screen: I've tested my in-car Wi-Fi and the internet is working fine. I have not changed any...
  7. K

    Hot to use Remote Live View? Cannot set the U1000 to connect to internet

    Hi All I managed to connect the U1000's wifi using my Android app. I wish to know how to let the U1000 to connect search available wifi and connect to the one provided by carpark (no password needed), so that I could view the recorded footage, receive impact notifications, live view etc, from...
  8. R

    F800 Pro Connected with Wifi, can't see Live View

    I've got the F800 Pro, and have updated to the latest firmware. I'm using the Thinkware Cloud app on my Nexus 6. After I successfully connect with WiFi, I can see the File List, Dash Cam Settings, Dash Cam Info, and Connection Settings menu options. When I click on Live View, all I get is a...
  9. X

    Thinkware F750: live view mode while recording

    Hi all, Yesterday I finally received my new dashcam, a Thinkware F750. I'm very pleased with this new dashcam but I have a question: When I connect my dashcam to the dashcam app via wifi, the dashcam stops recording during using the app. The recording continues again after I close the app on...