low light

  1. K

    Low light advice

    Hi all, I was hoping to get some input on which are the best compact (dash cameras or action cameras) for extremely low light applications. I'm a marine scientist and we deploy small cameras in underwater housing to survey fish populations. Our new project is working in ~500ft of water (aka...
  2. J

    Viofo A119S Motion Detection records almost full-time in very low light conditions

    Motion detection does not seem to be functional in low-light at all. It records pretty much all night (at least until the SD card is full - see other post) It appears motion detection too sensitive in low-light conditions? Are there any settings to fix this? Or will it be resolved in a...
  3. D

    Parking Mode Camera Needed For City Enviroment

    I live in Chicago and street park my new car. Already racked up 1 car door opening into my side panel in the two weeks since I purchased. Ironically, I've been researching dashcams for last 2 weeks and haven't been able to find what I am looking for. Please assist! Prefer the following: front...
  4. V

    Best night video quality 2K dashcam?

    Best night video quality - with Sony IMX322 sensor. But this sensor is only 1080P. I think at sunny day better to have 2K resolution. Which 1 channel 2K dashcam gives the best low-light performance? Dome 201, Ausdome A261 or TaoTronics TT-CD06? Maybe some other model?
  5. nCaine

    High quality low light footage work flow.

    Well since i got this cam mostly for low light situations (bunkers and other abandoned places). I was devastated by it performance in these conditions, i started thinking and working my way thru all night scripts etc etc. Nothing worked. Until i reversed the whole proces. Dont have time to go...
  6. L

    Would this cam be good for this scenario?

    Hi! Somebody on my street keeps scoring my and my wife's car with their keys, and I really want to know who. I am thinking about getting the SG, setting it up with a 5v battery pack (no power in the car when it's parked), and leave it in motion detection over night. I'd capture all...
  7. T

    Grainy Pixelated Mobius at night and in low light

    Guys, I just installed my Mobius (version 3 with C2 lens), and am reasonably pleased with daytime footage in good light, but disappointed with the nightime results. Firmware 2.37, WDR on and FOV wide. Everything else at default values. The original nighttime file is very grainy, or pixelated...
  8. A

    low light videos look horrible, help please

    Hi guys i just got my xiaomi camera and i have been playing around with it, the video in high light is good but in low light it sucks it has some kind of layer on top of the video that makes it so noisy i would love if you guys tell me chat i should edit to make it better the model is z23l and...