1. Abana Mat

    Lukas / Qvia products are bad, and Service Team are petty thieves (IMHO)

    in addendum to this post, but exceeding coleagues' bad experience: had two R935 dashcams, both BNIB from eBay trader (since there is no dealer nearby). Installed one of them ('1st') in professional workshop, another unit ('2nd') remained sealed in original box. 1st unit worked quite well for...
  2. davidr

    Where to get Lukas LK-290 in Europe?

    Hello guys! I want to hard-wire my cams with a manual button, and the LK-290 would be perfect for me as it has a nice big switch that has exactly the functionality I need. Sadly I can't find it anywhere within Europe. I also checked to no avail. So has anybody here an idea how to...
  3. W

    Lk-350 faulty?

    Hi! I've recently purchased an LK-350 and im having some issues with the unit. For alle intents and purposes, the unit seems to work... However im unable to adjust the voltage cut off... (it's apparently set to 12.0 v by default, cutting it a little to close for comfort imod) Pressing mode...
  4. Ichikisu

    Lukas 9100 duo obd not showing voltage

    Good day folks. I've tried researching everything to no avail. My lukas 9100 duo is hardwired and is not showing voltage causing my autopark mode to turn on. Any ideas how I can fix this? Crucial since I don't have lk750 obd connector yet and I need this running for my tow business. Thank you.
  5. D

    Lukas 7900 ACE - "Err 002"

    Team, Very frequently I start getting "Err002" error messages. When looking at the recordings on the flash card I see - recording 175Mb - recording 175Mb - recording 175Mb .....(Err002 message) - recordings 2.4 Mb - recordings 2.4 Mb - recordings 2.4 Mb - recordings 2.4 Mb Sometimes it...
  6. Candalos

    Lukas 9370 draining vehicle battery on "auto" voltage setting

    Hi all, So after leaving my Subaru Forester parked for about 3 days with the Lukas 9370 installed with parking mode I come back to discover that the vehicle has been drained of battery. I've brought it to be replaced and the technician claims that it is the fault of the camera. Everything...
  7. E

    Reset Wifi Password

    I have a LK - 7950 WD, is there any way to reset it back to the default wifi password?
  8. RLS

    Hello, from Orange County, CA. I am in the endless pursuit of finding the perfect dashcam...

    Hi everyone, I have always found this forum extremely useful, but never got around to joining. It all started at the end of 2013 when my newly purchased car was backed into in the university parking structure. My front bumper was backed into while I was away, and no note/info was left by the...
  9. N

    LUKAS LK09700 keeps rebooting after recording error 2 message

    Hi, I have a Lukas LK-9700B Duo that's giving me a lot of troubles. I recently updated the firmware to 7.09 and now it wont boot. It says 'error 2' and 'check rear cam' and starts rebooting. I have tried everything that i could think of but it just does not boot. I also low level formatted the...
  10. P

    LK 7200 Error 3 is it fixable?

    I have a LK 7200 about 18 months old. Couple of days ago started showing error 3. Is anyone know how to fix problem or can it be repaired and if is worth repairing? If not I guess I just have to figure it had cost me $10/month for added security. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  11. P

    LK-7700 stuck at Uc37 at boot

    Hey guys, After two years of my blackbox working I decided to update it. After following the instructions and using the 7700 firmware, the blackbox boots and just hangs at Uc37 when I boot it. Does not give me the greeting message. Any ideas of how I can fix this? Thanks
  12. ece1t5

    LK-7950 WD won't turn on

    Hi there, I have a pair of Lukas LK-7950 WD dashcams I purchased for me and my sister. I also purchased the official Lukas cigar power cable for both of us. I followed the instructions in the manual to install the dashcam. However when I turn on my car, the camera did not turn on. Since I had...
  13. C

    LK-7700 Err 1

    Hello. I have a Lukas LK-7700 that is around 2 years old. It now powers on and says something that might be in Korean and then displays Err 1. I've tried different memory cards, formatting, etc with no luck. I guess it's probably dead but I was wondering if there might be a solution to the...
  14. Calgary Dash Camera - Robert

    Lukas Direct - The New Lukas Store

    It goes with great pleasure to announce the re-opening of the Official Lukas Store - Lukas Direct. First why am I posting this? Easy, Lukas has contracted @Calgary Dash Camera - Samuel and I to operate and support the Lukas Store. What does this mean? Firstly and most importantly, it means...