micro usb

  1. V

    Front cam broken?

    Hi, I've been quite happy with the K1S. Recorded everthing and only froze once or twice :D. Now from today on I hear: ''Recording started - Recording stop...'' for 5 minutes straight. I looked at the screen and the front cam was show a lot of bright frames. I unplugged it from the unit. Now...
  2. ccdff

    Pinout AV output and FPV use

    Hi there, I'm trying to get the Yi 4k to display a video output to my FPV transmitter. I tried using the same pins on the usb as the first YI but it does not seem to work. Does anyone know which pins are used for the ground and video transmission on the micro usb connector ? Do you need to me...
  3. DashBoat

    Why doesn't this camera have a micro USB port?

    Does anyone know why this new camera still ships with a mini USB port? I wasn't too happy about having to 'downgrade' my permanently run cables (but did anyways), especially since my next dash cam will probably have a micro USB port.
  4. vedranius

    Where to buy micro USB soft (ribbon) cable?

    Hi all! I have a Xiaomi Yi camera with waterproof casing, and I'd like to connect it to external power, powerbank or such. But I can't find soft Micro USB cables anywhere... Does anyone knows where to buy them? Example: On one side Micro USB male and on other normal USB 2.0 also male. As I...