1. L

    Mac software for playback?

    I see from the Mini series dash cams manuals reference to PC software for playback of video & GPS map data, what is there for iMac users?
  2. Huib

    Ambarella Mini 0803 in a city service bus in the Netherlands

    Chaps, I purchased a Mini0805 but got a Mini0803. Till now this device works. I use it sometimes in a city service bus. Normally it rewrites the files and only when there is "something to see" I keep the files. Wih this footage I made a compilation and put this in YouTube: It is not the...
  3. D

    mini 0806 - longest uninterrupted recording

    Hi guys, I'm Emanuele, from Italy. Two months ago, I bought a mini 0806 dashcam. I mounted it on my car, directly connected to 12V battery. The cam is always under power and my record is to record for 52 hours uninterruptedly. After some days, I found the cam freezed (only blue led on) or...
  4. T

    Repaclement Battery Type

    Good Afternoon, So I tried searching the form and came up with nothing.. So my question is does anyone know the Battery Type; Make or Model? I really don't want to open mine just yet until I know I can get a replacement fairly easy. Thank You, Tyler
  5. M

    0806 Died 3 Weeks Ago, Now Is Working Again

    I park in the direct sun at work and finally the heat got to my mini 0806 3 weeks ago and refused to show any signs of life even whilst plugged in to power (running from the accessory port in the car). Today I started up the car (still parked in the direct sun at 1pm) and the dashcam came back...
  6. AndrewFromIdaho

    Loop Confusion

    I'm confused about how looping should work, how I imagine looping should work, and what's going on with my Mini 0806. I got my Mini 0806 hardwired a couple months ago. I hadn't actually downloaded anything until yesterday, when my wife mentioned she'd been nearly run off the road by another...
  7. S

    Mini USB A or B

    I just purchased a GT680W and hooked it up. I lost the manual, but it was not useful, except for comedy value (Apparently a menu setting is there so I can decide if I want to hear a beef or not.) I've tried messing around with the settings, but realized I can't get any to stick once the power...