1. C

    Front camer purple image / lost focus

    I have randomly checked the recordings from my mini 0906 and after almost 2 years of operation it broke the image is half purple and out of focus :( Last video before camera broke: First video with camera broken: For some reason last 3 correct videos are very short and don't have text...
  2. A

    0906pro occasionally freeze.

    Hello~ I received pro 2weeks ago, and I found fatal error on this little camera. After driving, I checked SD card and found some unusual files like (p.1). These files each size are about 300~400mb, and shorter than normal videos. Even, there are more strange files like (p.2). They were filmed...
  3. D

    Dash Cam stuck on loading page 'BlueSkySea'

    Hi, I was wondering if you can help me? I had my car battery replaced yesterday and now my dash cam is not working. It turns on but just stays on the BlueSkySea loading page. Before yesterday, it was working completely fine. I can now only access the camera’s options if I use the car to turn...
  4. Rayman.Chan

    mini0906 camera updated to mini0906-PRO

    Hi dear users and enthusiast of mini series cameras, the well known mini0906 dash camera was updated to mini0906-PRO, here are some improvements applied on new mini0906-PRO: 1, the appearance keeps same 2, front camera image sensor updated from IMX291 to IMX327; the night vision ability...
  5. D

    Brick by Extension Cable for back camera

    Hello, I bought an extension cable from aliexpress, and today I installed it. When connected, the front unit started to change continously resolution and to freeze. I checked the new cable and was ok (no short, resistence below 1ohm). The camera worked without extension. Why? How can I fix it...
  6. P

    New firmware 20190828 and new manual v1.4

    I'm just installing my mini0906 and found a new firmware on their website, with no reference here: MINI0906 FIRMWARE UPDATE AUG.28.2019 8/28/2019 update log: fixed the microphone auto turn on problem (auto turn on after reboot). no other changes from Sep.04.2018 version. download link...
  7. H

    HELP! Any ideas on how to attach my Mini 0906 to my windshield?

    Hi, I recently purchased the Mini 0906 dual dash cam and so far the back camera is staying in place but the front camera has fallen off three times with the pads provided in the box. Anyone have any ideas? TIA
  8. TFHDC

    Defaults reset (latest Jan 24 2018 firmware)

    Hello, I recently purchased Veckle Mini 0906 dash cam and installed in vehicle a few days ago. Prior to installation I updated to latest firmware (Build Jan.24.2018) and updates settings per my preference. Installation was completed on Feb 11 2018 and no issues until today Feb 14 2018. During...
  9. S

    Lukas LK290 - Parking Mode Signal?

    Hi guys, As a secondary question to my original thread found here: Mini 0906 + Lukas LK 290 - Not Going To Parking Mode My question is, does the Lukas LK290 supports sending the "Parking Mode" signal to its output? As a summary of above thread, my equips are in my sig, and the Mini 0906 does...
  10. S

    Mini 0906 + Lukas LK 290 - Not Going To Parking Mode

    Hi everyone, I am in desperate need of help. I've updated my sig for the equips and settings that I've got and has connected it to my 2013 Outlander ES. I just received the Mini 0906 dash cam (came with a Hardwire Kit, but is not a voltage protection), and Lukas LK 209 (Type A with one...
  11. G

    One dashcam in the front and One in rear independent of each other

    Hello to all, I'm looking for 2 independent dashcams between them (so NOT a DUAL system) One I try to position on the front glass with the following features: - $ 125 budget - 1080p (30 or 60 fps) - CAPACITOR (NO BATTERY) - good visibility at night (no flames, not to be disturbed by the lights...
  12. Lovely-connie

    Mini 0906 Is On Sale

    First Sale, up to 35% off Link for order Mini 0906: