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    What is JDR file format?

    What is JDR file format? JDR file format is GNET SYSTEM invented file recording format. GNET SYSTEM developed JDR file system 12 years ago. JDR files are the proprietary file system of GNET SYSTEM and are not compatible with general video players. The file system has a function to prevent...
  2. S

    Video File Currupt

    It seems like whenever I view my footage on my laptop, the most recent video file won't play at all. Am I not ejecting the SD card correctly? Do I need to stop recording, THEN pull out the SD card? or something else. All other videos will load as expected, just the most recent will be corrupt...
  3. Questions

    Required 30 min or 1 hour mp4 files, 24+ hours capacity

    I have a need for a dash cam that will record mp4 files in 30 (preferably) or 60 minute increments. (1, 2, 3, 5, 10, & 15 minute files are too small for my purposes and I do not want to have to merge small files into one larger file.) The files need to be in mp4 format and readable on a...
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    G90C MP4 instead of MOV?

    Hi, I had received my G90C with GPS and noticed that the video quality seems to be lacking when compared to my G1WH. Also, the anti-warp feature doesn't apply to any pictures taken on the G90C. I also recall with some other dashcams that one way to spot a fake is the file format that it...