1. H

    DDPAI Network Downloader

    I created a simple project to download the footage from camera when the car is parked in the garage. If you are interested checkout Any feedback is welcomed. This setup will require some knowledge around networking but after you set it up, it will run...
  2. B

    Reset to factory without app

    Hello All, New VIOFO A129 user. I had everything working, including the phone app (Samsung S10+). Was following along with some online tutorials and somehow lost the ability for my phone to connect or even see the VIOFO network. So I tried my older Samsung phone (SM-N900A) and it also could not...
  3. S

    Cloud Video Not Working

    Recently started using the cloud features of the U1000 however it is not uploading incident videos to the cloud as it should. I receive notifications of an 'impact' during parking mode but checking the video section of the app it's always empty. I have both cloud upload options turned on under...
  4. iLLNESS

    Connecting through home WiFi

    So I setup the U1000 to connect to my home WiFi which seems to work fine (appears in my routers DHCP list) but when I try to connect to the dashcam from my iPhone while on the same network it says it cannot connect. The only way I'm able to connect is through my iPhones hotspot or the Thinkware...
  5. G

    BlackVue Downloader [Latest]

    Hi all, Check out Blackvue Downloader's New Website: Here: Windows Store Link: Stepping of the shoulders of others who figured out the Blackvue communication I have created a Windows Taskbar App to...
  6. G

    Blackvue Network File Downloader (updated 07/06)

    Hi all, EDIT: Script and manual update - removed requirement for "recordings" folder, and no more temp files! EDIT2 (13/08/2017): re-wrote original post... EDIT3 (11/10/2017): It's taking me a little longer than I hoped to get some features in.. personal life and complexities are getting in the...
  7. G

    Network File Downloader (updated 17/07)

    Hi everyone! EDIT: and of course as soon as I put it up, there are errors... great! - this should be fixed now EDIT2: Update - more bugs worked out, better error handling, progress meter added ... EDIT3: can I get someone to at least verify that it's not malicious? I think peeps are scared...