obd power supply

  1. O

    OBD Power Source for A129 Pro?

    I'm considering using my 2017 Honda CR-V's OBD port as the power source for an A129 Pro. Based on the research I've done, it seems that none of the fuses are switched, so my preferred choice of hardwiring isn't an option. Has anyone found an OBD power cable that works reliably with the A129 Pro?
  2. karim174

    Wi-Fi Frequency, 2.4GHz or 5GHz?

    What do these figures mean and how does it affect the battery on parking mode? The user manual does not clarify its figures
  3. N

    Owlcam OBD2 power issues

    I have had an Owlcam dash cam since 8/18. In my previous car, 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe, the OBD2 power supply could be used to power the camera for up to 72 hours when the car was parked. In my new vehicle, 2020 Hyundai palisade, after a few minutes of the vehicle being turned off, the power to...
  4. S

    Using OBD cable. Parking mode and “stop start” causes powers down.

    I had my DR900S-2CH installed with the OBD Power Pro cable recently by Halfords. It was only going into parking mode for a minute or so before shutting down. I realise I’d probably need some battery accessory for extended parking recording but that didn’t seem right. I then remembered there was...
  5. camera800

    Specifications mini 0901. Available in UK

    Available in http://www.hddashcam.co.uk/product/mini-0901-hd-wifi-camera-car-with-free-samsung-evo-microsd-card-32gb-plus-hardwire-kit/ Specifications: Display screen: 2.0 inch FHD TFT Chipset AIT chipset (1080P FHD) Wifi Function Built in Support Parking guard function Lens parameter 6G...