1. R

    Is this Viofo 129 Dual good ?

    Hello yesterday I bought the Viofo 129 Dual on amazon and I heard of the quality fluctuations. So now I tested the cam and I dont now if the video quality is as good as the normal quality from the Viofo 129 Dual. I think its not so good because at the day it sough a little bit but you can read...
  2. C

    flickering in the night videos

    Hi Guys Wanted to know if you guys are noticing any flickering in your night videos ? My night time footage from the front camera is not clean and there's a lot of flickering in the video. https://streamable.com/x5r76
  3. OzAdam

    Quality of supplied cigarette lighter power adaptor for Viofo A119 Pro

    I have just purchased a Viofo A119 Pro dashcam and was wondering about the quality and fire risk of the supplied 12 to 5 volt cigarette lighter adaptor. If I recall correctly, the supplied adaptor is rated at DC 5V/3.1A, dual USB port output. The Viofo A119pro spec is listed as 5V, 1A from...
  4. CrodPS

    DL-9600 1080p NOVATEK 96658+Sony 322 Sensor Wireless Dash Cam

    If you are looking for a 1080p dash cam with great video quality, clear night video and that can be controlled via Wifi, have a look at my review of the DL-9600 dash cam. The camera was purchased from the TEQStone store in Amazon Thanks!
  5. T

    Street Guardian SG9665GC vs A119 vs ?

    Hello, Great forum. I am looking for a camera with really good day/night video. Prefer wedge or something similar that is discrete. I don't need wifi or anything fancy like that, video quality is very important (would be nice if I could get plates at night, but that doesn't seem too reasonable...
  6. J

    Timelapse with poor bad resolution quality

    Hi. I installed the 1.5.6 firmware into my Xiaomi YI Action Camera and I'm using a Script Controller App. The video looks better now, but the timelapse is poor in quality. Did anybody have the same problem? Any possible solution? Thanks!
  7. conceptionist

    Any way to edit AIT chipset based firmware to change bitrate?

    I searched all over the web and found no entry on this topic, I recently purchased KDLINKS R100 rear-view mirror dash-cam from amazon claiming to be 1296p, it's video quality however is slightly subpar to my Galaxy S5 1080 resolution when compared side by side. I was wondering if there is any...
  8. E


    Hey Guys! I recently purchased the Auto-Vox A118C model from amazon after seeing impressive sample clips and reviews from YouTube and the web! To clarify, i purchased from Auto-Vox amazons page and not some fake one of eBay/copy model! Link: You can see the reviews are even good! I received...
  9. xing0318

    LS460 at night

    this is my first ever dashcam, is night always meant to be this blurry for the dod? also when I watch back on the computer, the map window is white, but I have GPS on
  10. S

    Video is great but poor image quality! [help needed]

    Hello everyone! :) I am totally new here. I have bought my Yi cam 2days earlier and i need your help. When I record videos the result is great but the problem is when i take photos in same place and same light the result is not so good. I get blurry photos. Seems to me the problem is due to slow...
  11. J

    A dashcam for a hot climate?

    Hello, everyone! I'm new to dashcams, and considering how "well" people drive in my country, i'm looking forward to buying one. I live in the Dominican Republic, especifically in the capital city. Temperatures here are almost always between 25 °C and 35 ° C, it rarely drops below 20 ° C and...