1. J

    Dashcam not working (nor recording) Only gps blue light comes on when the car is off

    Good evening. I am looking for some help. i have a car which came with a Schneider SR790 2ch dashcam, which in reality isthe same as qvia or lukas AR790. The camera is not recording anymore, I hace tried formatting the sd card and still it does not work. I have tried pressing every single...
  2. J

    Qvia R935 bricked after firmware update attempt

    I just remounted my dash cam after windshield replacement and it was working great, but I noticed there was a newer version available. Now it constantly reboots, showing the qvia warning screen and then says drive safely, then again every 30 seconds or so. Sometimes it'll say recording failure...
  3. Abana Mat

    Lukas / Qvia products are bad, and Service Team are petty thieves (IMHO)

    in addendum to this post, but exceeding coleagues' bad experience: had two R935 dashcams, both BNIB from eBay trader (since there is no dealer nearby). Installed one of them ('1st') in professional workshop, another unit ('2nd') remained sealed in original box. 1st unit worked quite well for...
  4. Abana Mat

    R935 screen saver

    by default shows speed when driving and time if the car is not moving. May it be somehow changed to "clock always" mode ? Need this because my car has a good-working speedometer and no working clock... Asked QVIA support about it - no reply followed:(