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  1. A

    Rear camera not working!!!

    Hi everyone! Recently bought my mother the 522 front and rear bundle (as I've got my own set and she kept going on about wanting one). Front camera works perfectly but the second you insert the side cable for the rear camera, the screen just goes black and you have to restart the camera (when it...
  2. R

    X2s rear camera strange colours. Help

    Hi I bought the DDPAI x2s pro dual dash cam, I paid and had it installed/ hardwired. From the minute it was installed there was this strange colour on the rear camera. The front camera is completely fine. I have tried reformatting the sd card, checking I have the updated version of the app...
  3. T

    Parking mode for 36 hours with side + rear coverage?

    I have a question about dash cam parking mode and whether it can be useful in my situation. I live in an apartment complex with underground parking. I have had two incidents where other vehicles hit my car while it was parked and one where it was vandalized while parked. I work from home and...
  4. circlhill

    Rear window mount with pivot window?

    Hi all. First time installer looking for guidance. Wondering how to wire my rear VIOFO camera (129 plus duo) with this window that opens upward (pic). I need to mount toward the bottom of the window in order to get behind the wiper but not certain how to run the cable down the window. Also the...
  5. K

    Replacement rear camera?

    So, the same event that ruined the cable, also ruined my SG9663DCPRO rear camera. Does SG sell rear camera replacements? This was one of the older wedge looking ones rather than the cylindrical ones on the website now.
  6. G

    Rear Parking Chrysler Crossfire

    I want to have a few wires to run and definitely no holes to drill for my Chrysler Crossfire. I want to keep it as original as possible but it does need a rear camera. I feel maybe a rear facing dashcam that is wifi can be used. Installing on inside top of hatch and then viewing through wifi...
  7. S

    Nextbase 622GW Dashcam and rearview camera for Mercedes 231 hardtop convertible

    I have a Mercedes 231 hratop convertible and would like to know if the Nextbase 622GW dashcam and rear camera can be fitted and used when the the top is down? I would want this hardwired so will it drain the battery when parked/overnight of for long periods?I have a trickle charger when I am...
  8. X

    SG9663DCPRO Rear Camera Not Registering - Out of Options Now

    Hi all, About a month ago, my rear camera for my SG9663DCPRO stopped registering and displaying on my main camera (consistently). Since then, it had popped up every now and then, but after the car turns off for a period of time, it also goes away. I thought it would have been the wire, but...
  9. D

    Rear cam image flipped?

    Hi I’m newbie so I might be in the wrong area to post this thread. I regretfully bought a cheap dual dash cam called D1 Dual Dash Cam. Wired it all correctly. However the rear cam image is not the same image showing on my rear view mirror. The best way I can explain it is, if I have a car on the...
  10. G

    What rear camera have you bought that works with your truck?

    Looking to get dash cam for front and back, because nobody stops and helps as a witness anymore. Tundra truck with rear window that slides all the way down, so can't put a rear camera on there. Where have you placed it, or what camera have you bough to bypass this issue?
  11. T

    A129 plus duo with eMMC randomly losing rear camera connection in parking mode

    From time to time (randomly), the main camera remains the single one to work on the microsd card when in parking mode with timelapse @5 fps . Happened 3 times already and didnt find out a way to reproduce it. Happened to anyone else? Thanks
  12. L

    Anyone using the rear camera like an interior cabin camera?

    Hey everyone! I've recently bought a "Blackvue DR750 2CH LTE" dash cam to monitor my car while parked, so I would prefer to put the rear camera on the windshield but facing at the interior. I don't care the rear cam isn't infrared because the parking where I leave my car is always illuminated...
  13. Y

    A129 Pro Duo - Rear cam - Long cable freezes

    I have A129 Pro Duo + IR rear camera. The short cable works perfectly with the rear camera and it instantly shows the rear video in Picture-in-Picture. If I use the long cable, it does not show the rear video + it freezes the device. I have to restart it. What can be the problem here?
  14. T

    Nextbase Duo

    Any idea why the rear view camera is recording & displaying a mirror image? Thanks in advance
  15. R

    First Scene dashcam

    Hi everyone. I would like to ask if the 4 LED-LOOKING thing on my rear camera is supposed to be emitting light? Im not surr if its a led or something. My rear cam is too dark. Please help. Thank you
  16. D

    Interior camera

    I have the U1000 dual channel unit but I think an interior rear facing camera might be more useful for me. Is there an interior camera that works with the U1000?
  17. G

    Dashcam to connect to a WIFI network

    Hi, I'm looking for a camera that can connect to a WIFI network and is waterproof. From there I want to be able to access the camera like you would for an IP camera. I saw that it is common for the dashcams to act as a WiFi access point rather than connect directly to a network. Thanks!
  18. T

    [DR-02D] Short cable between dash cam and rear cam?

    I have a DR02D but in my convertible there is no place to mount the rear cam on the rear window, it would interfere with folding the roof down. So my cam is mounted on a 3D printed wedge right next to the dashcam, facing rearwards over the passengers. With the cameras right next to each other...
  19. D

    DR650GW-2CH Rear Camera Dead?

    Hi everyone. I have the DR650GW-2CH which I purchased many many many years ago, within the last 12 months the rear camera stopped working, no light, no power. I know the cable isn't the issue as I have 2 other blackvue setups and have tested the camera with their known working cables. I also...
  20. B

    Extention cable for rear camera

    Hi all, After getting hit in the rear just before Christmas I've ended up buying two Mini 0906 camera sets - one for the car and another for the van. Got the first one fitted in the car and it seems fine. Sadly trying to fit the second one into the van and the cable isn't long enough. In a...