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  1. T

    A129 plus duo with eMMC randomly losing rear camera connection in parking mode

    From time to time (randomly), the main camera remains the single one to work on the microsd card when in parking mode with timelapse @5 fps . Happened 3 times already and didnt find out a way to reproduce it. Happened to anyone else? Thanks
  2. L

    Anyone using the rear camera like an interior cabin camera?

    Hey everyone! I've recently bought a "Blackvue DR750 2CH LTE" dash cam to monitor my car while parked, so I would prefer to put the rear camera on the windshield but facing at the interior. I don't care the rear cam isn't infrared because the parking where I leave my car is always illuminated...
  3. Y

    A129 Pro Duo - Rear cam - Long cable freezes

    I have A129 Pro Duo + IR rear camera. The short cable works perfectly with the rear camera and it instantly shows the rear video in Picture-in-Picture. If I use the long cable, it does not show the rear video + it freezes the device. I have to restart it. What can be the problem here?
  4. T

    Nextbase Duo

    Any idea why the rear view camera is recording & displaying a mirror image? Thanks in advance
  5. R

    First Scene dashcam

    Hi everyone. I would like to ask if the 4 LED-LOOKING thing on my rear camera is supposed to be emitting light? Im not surr if its a led or something. My rear cam is too dark. Please help. Thank you
  6. D

    Interior camera

    I have the U1000 dual channel unit but I think an interior rear facing camera might be more useful for me. Is there an interior camera that works with the U1000?
  7. G

    Dashcam to connect to a WIFI network

    Hi, I'm looking for a camera that can connect to a WIFI network and is waterproof. From there I want to be able to access the camera like you would for an IP camera. I saw that it is common for the dashcams to act as a WiFi access point rather than connect directly to a network. Thanks!
  8. T

    [DR-02D] Short cable between dash cam and rear cam?

    I have a DR02D but in my convertible there is no place to mount the rear cam on the rear window, it would interfere with folding the roof down. So my cam is mounted on a 3D printed wedge right next to the dashcam, facing rearwards over the passengers. With the cameras right next to each other...
  9. D

    DR650GW-2CH Rear Camera Dead?

    Hi everyone. I have the DR650GW-2CH which I purchased many many many years ago, within the last 12 months the rear camera stopped working, no light, no power. I know the cable isn't the issue as I have 2 other blackvue setups and have tested the camera with their known working cables. I also...
  10. B

    Extention cable for rear camera

    Hi all, After getting hit in the rear just before Christmas I've ended up buying two Mini 0906 camera sets - one for the car and another for the van. Got the first one fitted in the car and it seems fine. Sadly trying to fit the second one into the van and the cable isn't long enough. In a...
  11. S

    Not picking up rear cam when reconnecting

    I have just had the front and rear cam hardwired into my car by Halfords. Being a new toy i disconnected it to go and have a look at what it recorded. When I put it back in the car it did not pick up the rear camera. Dis some research and updated the firmware, put it back in the car and hey...
  12. BCHobbyist

    VIOFO A129 Duo new Cameras including Infrared for Uber Lyft Taxi

    The A129 Duo Dual Channel 5Ghz WiFi Dash Cam has the most features of all VIOFO products. The accessories and options keep expanding and improving and now include new Cameras. This post will be updated will all Camera versions. The new camera 180 degree Lens rotation feature is a real game...
  13. D

    Please recommed a Dash Cam with Parking mode

    I'm looking for a dash cam that has the following features. 1) Parking mode with Collision detection. 2) Parking mode with Time Lapse. This is compulsary. 3) Wifi so, I can access the recording from my phone. This is also compulsary. 4) Preferably have the ability to rotate camera. For police...
  14. I

    Rear view mirror dash cam buying guide

    Rear view mirror dash cams are a great addition to your vehicle as they provide additional safety and also help with reversing. These cameras can also come in handy when you need proof in court after an accident or when making an insurance claim. And so it is always important to make sure that...
  15. E

    Camera for Rear of Car (Worth Getting?)

    Hi All, New to the forum and wondering if I can get some help. I've already got a DDPai M6 camera mount to the front windscreen of my Astra K 1.6T and was wondering if it would be worthwhile getting another camera to fit to the rear windscreen. Been watching some dashcam footage videos on...
  16. C

    Poor front video quality when using front and rear camera

    Hi Folks, Just wanting to see if anyone else is experiencing this - I have recently bought the rear add on for the 512gw, however recordings of the front camera are now much poorer quality. This is not due to it recording in 1080p as I normally record in this anyway. Could this be due to the...
  17. marcusstafford

    Thinking of the Junsun with rear cam and reversing mode

    From Amazon : It's a good price for the features but the terrible and good reviews are equal. Does anyone have any experience of this model? Thanks Marcus
  18. DashCamIndia Car Dashboard Camera Vendor in India

    Hi Friend, I am from India and it may be surprise to know for you that Dash Camera are rarely use in India. We have road full of traffic law offenders, rash drivers, minor driver etc, still there prevails a negligence regarding use of dash camera in India. However, thanks to Forum like...
  19. S

    I'm Baffled! Can someone help!

    Hi guys, Newbie here! I wonder if someone can help me pleaseeee...I fitted the dr650 2ch into my BMW e70 X5. All worked well for a week and now the rear camera stops working and so does the power magic pro. If I pull out the power cable and reconnect it from the front camera, the rear camera...
  20. S

    Where and how did you mount rear camera?

    I now recognize how critical a camera for the back of the car is–but it's proving quite a challenge. I have a 2009 Camry whose rear window is completely wired for defrosting with no room for a stick-on camera mount. As well, behind the rear seat there is a heating duct and the brake light which...