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    How much data does remote live view use?

    If I do remote live view one time, how much hotspot data does it use? Is the remote live view 4k/2k resolution or reduced resolution to do quick data transfer?
  2. G

    U1000 Cloud not working

    My U1000 dash cam (with attached radar) is getting power from an external powerbank. I have turned on the parking mode. My firmware version is v.1.00.13 I have successfully connected the u1000 dash cam to the internet via a wifi dongle, but i am unable to get live view remotely from my...
  3. K

    Hot to use Remote Live View? Cannot set the U1000 to connect to internet

    Hi All I managed to connect the U1000's wifi using my Android app. I wish to know how to let the U1000 to connect search available wifi and connect to the one provided by carpark (no password needed), so that I could view the recorded footage, receive impact notifications, live view etc, from...
  4. Y

    A129 HK3 shuts off on remote engine start

    I recently got the Viofo A129 and used the HK3 kit to hardwire it on my 2016 Honda Accord. Everything seemed to run fine - with seamless transition to parking mode and back. Until I started using remote engine start because I wanted my car to get warm in these cool winter mornings. Anyways, it...
  5. J

    using HDMI cable extension for Mobius camera = extreme remote?

    Hi, first post. Nice guides on the dashcams you got here and a pretty helpful forum. I had one of the (nowadays $50) dashcams some years back, but it killed itself while the car was sitting in the sun at 17 deg south of the equator. At least I got my $140 back after this happened and didn't...
  6. L

    Time to change to something else

    I love my Gitup 2 camera (when it works) first one shutter button failed after less than a month Gitup kindly replaced it for me and I was happily using it and so decided to buy the wrist remote! No matter how many times I tried or hours wasted the remote REFUSED to pair with the camera, again...
  7. J

    Where to buy Git2? + remote waterproof?

    I am really interested in buying the Git2. Previously I was looking at the Xiaomi Yi with its performance and decent price but the Git2 looks to be superior (and growing better and better) so I don't mind parting with the extra moolah! Where would be the best place to buy the Git2? Preferably...
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    Diy cheap wifi remote for xiaomi yi

    hi everybody, i have discover that is possible to make a very cheap wifi remote control for the gopro camera with the serial-wifi esp8266 and few soldering parts. in this page says how to configure the chip to send the comands to...
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    Generic Bluetooth Shutter

    Hi there! I'm Alexis and i'm relative new in the forum. For my birthday (22-oct) i recive a generic bluetooth 3.0 shutter from my brother and i want to use it with the Xiaomi Yi. I try to pair it directly to the camera but i didn't have any luck but i pair it with the smartphone and with the...