1. Mark S-H

    B4K - GPS module does now not appear to be operating

    I've had my B4K dashcam for several years and have nearly always used the Speed and GPS setting set to ON. The other day I wanted to get a video off the SD card so I loaded the card into my computer but I noticed that the Speed and GPS did NOT appear on the recording. I opened and looked at the...
  2. S

    Optimal Settings for Parking Events and Regular Driving Use

    Please let me know which settings work best for you on the road and parking mode. Hopefully, @Panzer Platform @Agie @rcg530 will also provide their recommendations\suggestions. So, I finally got my A229 Pro 2ch dashcam hard wire installed. The front is using VIOFO_A229P_V1.0_231009 The rear is...
  3. A

    Time lapse recording and Parking Auto Event detection will stop the A139 Pro from recording

    I will make this into sort of a how to guide on breaking the A139 Pro's recording abilities: 1. Connect to wifi with phone and load the VIOFO App 2. Turn off or pause recording, and enter the settings page 3. Set the Parking mode setting to OFF. 4. After Step 3, scroll up to the time lapse...
  4. J

    Viofo A119 Mini - the camera changes the resolution by itself

    Hello, My Viofo A119 Mini camera changes the recording resolution by itself every now and then. I manually set the resolution to 2K 60FPS and, for example, the next time I start the car in an hour/second day the resolution is already 30 FPS. The camera has the latest software (the ones with...
  5. N

    Settings reset after 6 weeks of not using?

    Hey everyone, I hadn't taken the car out in 6 weeks and today while reviewing clips after making a grocery run, I noticed that the front cam was recording in 1080p instead of the usual 4k. The odd thing however is that other settings like Format Reminder, GPS info/Text overlay were exactly like...
  6. SimonMk3

    Dashcam doesnt save settings only when using hardwire kit.

    I have a ThiEYE Car View 2. Powering it through the cig lighter works fine but now that I have hardwired it it resets itself everytime I turn the car off. (VW Golf Mk3) Removing the Mini-Usb cable while its on also doesnt cause this issue. Thanks Simon
  7. C

    Touch screen issue, cannot pull up settings

    I have recently tried to open setting menu, and nothing is happening, I reset and nothing, I removed the sd card and reset and still nothing, now my reverse camera is not turning on, please help
  8. X

    Advices / Settings / Positioning

    Hello everyone, first of all thank you for all the topics and answers, I have learned a lot on this forum. I bought a Viofo Pro last week and installed it, I did some tests and settings, I'm overall very satisfied. There is only one thing that bothers me, it's the reflection of my dashboard...
  9. A

    iVolt and U1000

    Hi there I have a U1000 (2ch) and the iVolt battery. I've noticed that even in energy saving parking mode with the radar, the battery doesn't seem to power the dashcam for as long as I expected. The Thinkware Dashcam Store suggests up to 24 days of recording before powering down but when I've...
  10. F

    A few questions after setting up my Thinkware U1000

    The setup is the U1000 with front and rear cams, the radar, all powered by a cellink neo6 that’s hardwired to the car. 1. Will it ever go into parking mode like this? 2. How do I start/stop a manual recording? 3. In continuous mode there are hundreds of videos that are all 3 to 20 seconds...
  11. S

    VIOFO A129 Pro - Settings

    Hello, As I am a beginner in dashcams I wanted to ask a few questions. Recently I have bought a VIOFO A129 pro (front only) camera and had been testing it. During the day the camera is not bad but I cant read the license plates as well as I anticipated, I have seen many videos where this was...
  12. EGS

    VIOFO App

    I don’t know if anyone else has made this suggestion to the app developers but if not, I would to suggest a settings synchronization tab. Where you can back-up or save your current dashcam settings and the ability to store settings for more that one camera. That would make it very convenient for...
  13. Ferginator

    Change WiFi password

    I set up a new dashcam and I am trying to change the password on my WiFi DR650S-2CH IR and when I go to firmware settings, it just says "offline. Please check the network connection of the camera", but I have full bars on the camera and a good connection on my own WiFi as well so idk where else...
  14. F

    Questions on SKYEYE Mini Dv Z800

    Bought this camera of online and most of the instructions are in chinese. Does anyone know how to set the camera as it keeps turning off and instead just recording short clips each time. Thanks.
  15. D

    How do I switch between modes? (Instructions are poor)

    The small manual with the product talks about what buttons to push when in different modes (e.g., recording mode, video/playlist mode, standby mode) but gives no indication of how to switch between those modes. The cam is in recording mode (according to the icon) .. but no amount of pressing...
  16. Saberroofing

    Lukas 9370 WD 2CH Wifi- Rear LED lights always on? Auto off when car off?

    I just had my cameras installed on a 2013 Dodge Ram and believe it's all hooked up right. Seems to be working fine but the rear lights on the camera (mounted next to license plate) are always on. I have gone through every menu on the dashcam and on the app and can't find a way to turn them...
  17. C

    Need help with settings

    Hi, I’ve finally got a JooVuu X. I read manual but some things are confusing. I would appreciate your advice with regard to the typical settings. Should there be different resolution settings for using X as a dash cam and as an action camera? What resolution would you recommend for daytime...
  18. DesertLawman

    GPS Setting

    I have the GPS antenna connected to my B40-C Blackbox unit. It shows the speed in km/h. Does anyone know how to set it for mph? I can't find anything in the setup menu to change the reading into imperial.