1. K

    Replacement rear camera?

    So, the same event that ruined the cable, also ruined my SG9663DCPRO rear camera. Does SG sell rear camera replacements? This was one of the older wedge looking ones rather than the cylindrical ones on the website now.
  2. X

    SG9663DCPRO Rear Camera Not Registering - Out of Options Now

    Hi all, About a month ago, my rear camera for my SG9663DCPRO stopped registering and displaying on my main camera (consistently). Since then, it had popped up every now and then, but after the car turns off for a period of time, it also goes away. I thought it would have been the wire, but...
  3. Strange_Hitbox

    SG9663DCPRO+ video review with low light sample footage. Anyone else using this dashcam?

    I recently had the DCPro+ put into my '07 Corolla (yes, it's an older car but I'll be damned if she doesn't run like a dream). Spent many weeks gathering footage and really testing it out while I put this YT video review together. A few things worth noting: Low light footage is the best I've...
  4. D

    Which fuses should I use on 2019 Toyota Camry for SG9663DCPRO

    I have ordered a SG9663DCPRO and it will be delivered in a couple of days. I have been reading the online installation instructions and several postings on this website. I am concerned about where to connect since this a very smart car. I have a key fob and push button ignition. I have another...
  5. G

    SG9663DCPRO 2020 Dual Channel VS VIOFO A129 Pro Duo 4K

    Curious which one you all recommend ? blackboxmycar says the SG Has better video quality. But the SG only offers time-lapse parking mode. While the Viofo offers: Buffered, time-lapse, low bit rate. How important are the parking modes ? Any help or opinions on this topic ?
  6. D

    Confused About Registrator Viewer...

    I'm seeing different threads about everything from malicious code to error messages, registry fixes, different versions and someone passed away (which I'm sorry to hear). Does anyone know what is the most current safe version that works and where we can download it? And, does it work with the...