1. TonyCams

    SJCAM SJ10 Pro Native 4K 60fps 30fps EIS Distortion Correction Video Clips

    We wanted to create a thread where people could post their SJ10pro 4k video clips. Feel free to add your clips. Please label the settings you shot on on the video. Thanks! SJCAM SJ10 pro footage:
  2. TonyCams

    SJCAM SJ10 Pro Action Native 4k - Better than DJI OSMO & GoPro Hero 8?

    SJCAM SJ10pro Action Review: After playing around with my SJCAM SJ10 10 action for a few days, I really feel that this Native 4K Action camera is really give Gopro Hero 8 and DJI OSMO a run their money. As a serious Gopro contender, SJ10 picks up much needed slack after the lackluster launch...
  3. el Producente

    SJ10 Pro

    SJCAM is about to release their latest action camera - SJ10 Pro It’s basically a SJ9 Strike with 2 items removed that caused problems. That’s why this camera also got hardly attention as it was removed from the market quickly. Do you think SJCAM can regain reputation with this camera? SJCAM SJ10...
  4. R

    Fake sj7000 help or info

    Hello everyone. Looking for some Information on this cam I bought a few years back. I've figured out that it is a fake sj7000, but I was wondering if there is a way to update it or download software for it? Also, does anyone know of an app that's compatible with these for the wifi feature? Any...
  5. E

    SJCAM SJ8 for NIGHT VISION? Please help

    I want to modify the new SJ8 PRO Action camera, removing the IR filter... But do you know if it's possible? Is it easy to do that? I only found people doing it with older models from the same brand, but I want to buy this new model because it's specs.
  6. Marcofan76

    SJ8 PRO - Review and Video test

    Hello this is my review in the Italian blog called ActionCamItalia
  7. Blink Blink

    SJcam S7 Star With External Microphone

    Purchased a SJCcam S7 star with an external microphone a while ago. To be honest, it has performed way beyond my expectations (video clarity and voice quality). My only headache is the wind noise it picks in my helmet (when the helmet is open slightly or I am riding on the motorway).
  8. Z

    the WDR does not work?

    sjcam4000 wifi, I turn on / off this item, I do not see the difference
  9. TonyCams

    SJDASH+ GPS Dashcam -

    the SJDASH+ will be similar in size than the SJDASH..... SJDASH+ will have upgraded chipset and Sony sensor allowing for better night vision images.
  10. Nathyn Masters

    25p Superview? Why Do Camera Companies Do This?

    24p is a common standard in video now days. It emulates the look of film and it's something indy filmmakers look for in cameras. But what I've noticed is the majors like GoPro and SJCam are including 24p, while others, particularly when they bring their native 4K action cameras to market...
  11. K

    SJ6 Dynamic Range

    1080p 60fps Slowed and Colour Graded in post. P.s. I think SJCam should sponcer my videos. :)
  12. Mr CKJ

    MGCOOL Explorer Pro Vs. SJCAM SJ5000X Elite

    I did review both Action cams before but only in individual manner and guess it’s time to do a comparison and your sharp eye to decide which one is better! Let’s go …! My humble and in depth review of MGCOOL Explorer Pro Vs. SJCAM SJ5000x Elite More gadgets review at Smartech101.wordpress For...
  13. Tipeye

    Weekly Giveaway to win an action camera

    Do you know when it's Chinese Valentine's Day? It's August 28 2017. For celebrate this day, ODRVM organize a giveaway on Facebook to win a similar action camera SJCAM. Here is details the giveaway link : Giveaway
  14. Viking

    SJDASH unboxing.

    First thanks to SJcam for providing this nice dash camera. I will start out with a an unboxing video.
  15. J

    SJCAM SJDASH M30 Dashcam

    Author's Note: The original review is found at jwtech, please head to the site to show us your support as well. Click here to view all my product reviews. Thank you SJCAM for giving me the honor to review their first dashcam, the SJDASH M30. Official SJCAM product page: SJCAM SJDASH M30...
  16. K

    Sj6 legend firmware update

    I just realized I'm running the version 1.44 on my SJ6 Legend and there's a new version out (v. 1.47). I tried to update via the app but I don't get any option to update the firmware. The app itself is up to date. Is this update only done by downloading the file and installing it manually?
  17. K

    SJ6 Legend Does the Job

  18. T

    SJ4000 i need some help with measurements please

    i need some measurements from sj4000 camera and waterproof case please. i have a sj7 star but there is not much available for this but there is for the sj4000 and sj5000 a lot more things. can someone measure the square on the water proof case that goes over the lens in millimetres and also...
  19. T

    sjcam sj7 star accessories & alternative products

    so i bought a sjcam sj7 star itsa good camera i had firmware i think it was 1.05 but i updated to the latest 1.13 which fixed some issues thankfully. so i want to buy accessories but there isnt much available specific to the sj7 star so im finding it difficult to find anything i would like. im...
  20. Ferdi

    My latest videotest with the Firm 1.13

    My latest VideoTest about the Firm 1.13 Beta. For me is very good, the FOV is not present yet, but i think is not so important, because we have the 16:9 (about 120/135 degree) ant the SV (superview about 140/150 degree). For me the exposition is very good and also the colors. The Gyro is a bit...