1. H

    Nextbase 222 not recording

    Any ideas on how I could fix this would be great as I’ve only had the dash cam for a few months! My Nextbase 222 regularly freezes when recording when it gets to 0:33. This will last for a minute or two and then it will start recording again from 0:00, however this means half of my journey is...
  2. Blaknite

    U1000 Parking Mode Not working.

    Hi Guys, I trawled the posts for anything that might help my issue, but wasn't able to find a fix :(. I'm not sure exactly what's happening, but it's as follows. I have a U1000 dual channel kit, which is hardwired into the car. There is also a radar attachment. My HW kit states that Red -...
  3. BCHobbyist

    Troubleshooting Guide for VIOFO A119S or A119 Dash Cams

    I've noticed a large number of preventable Dash Cam failures being reported. My long Troubleshooting Guide doesn't cover everything but with input from everyone it can be continually updated to include new tests and fixes. Starting with simple verifications for all accessories such as microSD...
  4. J

    Where can I get the newest firmware

    I just purchased this(Mini 0807) recently and am experiencing issues with it missing recordings. It seems that every 5 minutes it will beep and reset the recording time. I am missing many videos. I am hoping that a firmware update will fix. However I cannot find where to download the newest...
  5. A

    Randomly ceasing to record + other issues

    I use a Mobius as a dash cam and have had a ton of issues with it lately. Essentially, my Mobius has begun randomly deciding when it does and does not want to record. It is set to automatically record when the power is connected. Sometimes, when I start my car and the power comes on, it will...
  6. R

    A119 please help

    I recently bought a Viofo A119 from FoxOffer, well my issue is that I was just trying to watch my footage and it seems as when the video is playing that someone is pausing and playing the video constantly, is the best way to describe it. Or when its playing it seems laggy? What can be the...