video files

  1. J

    Unable To Access All Movie Files

    Hi All, My wife got back in from a brief journey and promptly asked me to watch the dashcam footage of a BMW X5 nearly T-boning her. I thought, quick 5 minute job, remove the memory card, insert into card reader, copy/view the files I wish to watch, simples. 2 hours later, having (I believe...
  2. S

    Video File Currupt

    It seems like whenever I view my footage on my laptop, the most recent video file won't play at all. Am I not ejecting the SD card correctly? Do I need to stop recording, THEN pull out the SD card? or something else. All other videos will load as expected, just the most recent will be corrupt...
  3. S

    Can't view videos

    Hi, Any help appreciated! Sorry I couldn't figure out how to post in Mobius section, it said read posts I to 8 then post--but no place to post. Front and rear Mobius, bought about 9 months ago. Manual says turn on, push mode button til red light (on top I think) shows, then push mode again...
  4. Robert Lonn

    Hello from Sweden - Eager to learn about Dashcameras

    Hi, I am from Sweden and dont have a dashcam(yet). Since I am uncertain about the leagal situation in Sweden I just have to learn from you here in the forum. I think there is much to gain from dashcams for Sweden as well. How are you taking care of the files from the dashcameras? Do you store...