1. conceptionist

    Any way to edit AIT chipset based firmware to change bitrate?

    I searched all over the web and found no entry on this topic, I recently purchased KDLINKS R100 rear-view mirror dash-cam from amazon claiming to be 1296p, it's video quality however is slightly subpar to my Galaxy S5 1080 resolution when compared side by side. I was wondering if there is any...
  2. W

    Editing Video??

    I find I am unable to edit the video created by the camera with anything other than the supplied program. Is there a way to convert the video fragments so I can edit them in Adobe? Adobe's Premier and Media Encoder will not open the files. Media Encoder says they are corrupted. Handbreak...
  3. Y

    Pulsating exposure in video lapse mode

    Hi, cam: sj5000x elite videolapse firmware v1.4.5s , the lighting is flat but the video lapse comes out with pulsating exposure in video lapse mode, exposure in normal video mode is smooth. wdr on gyro off 1s between frames what could be causing the issue?
  4. V

    SG9665GC - Video Quality (perhaps the question most frequently asked?):-)

    Hi all, I have just displaced my DR500GW-HD with an SG9665GC to try and address poor video quality and in particular number plate legibility issues. I'm using Beta 27. Settings are all at default, except motion detection turned on. The SG is much better than the BlackVue, except when the sun...
  5. JacobVR

    Native Oculus Rift VR video player with embedded Youtube player

    That's Deo VR video player and you can check controllers below. Main features: - smooth click & play - sagittal plane zoom (it's a killer!) and tilt - streaming from Youtube 360 feed Please let me know if there's anything we can have it better. Titles for playing videos will be added soon.
  6. J

    Video of Golf Ball sent up to 95,500 Ft with Weather Balloon!

    My little brother and I launched a golf ball up to the mid-stratosphere with a weather balloon. Awesome experience! Check out the video here:
  7. R

    Video problem

    Hello, have LS460W about 6 months but now I have a problems. I uploaded a short video, see it please. Video isn't stable, it shakes.. Can anybody tell me where may be a problem? BTW where can I found latest firmware? Want to try pre-flash it again. It's not on official website. Thank you...
  8. P

    how to write protect a recorded video?

    There are times that I forget to do an emergency recording when an incident occurs and I can't seem to figure out how to save a previously recorded video in the "EMER" folder. I have a Mivue 388 and I've been fiddling with the functions for as long as I had the unit and until now I'm still...
  9. S

    Xiaoyi dashcam - record in non HD to store more videos

    I have been using Xiaoyi dashcam, no doubt it is a wonderful device with great quality videos. The problem I am facing is that being an HD video recorder, Xiaoyi dashcam is only able to store 4 hours video in 32GB of memory card. Even if I go for 64GB, it will save just 8 hours of videos. As...

    HOW TO: Stabilizing your video

    Hey everyone, this is my tutorial how to stabilize the recorded video. STEP BY STEP: Download and unzip ffmpeg from Extract the 7zip archive (I recommend extract it to root of any partition e.g. C:\ or D:\) Rename the folder to „ffmpeg“ Paste into...
  11. K

    Xiaomi yi video problem

    The camera shoots videos in small files 40-50 MB. No matter what format shooting, 2К, 1080p, 960p....record 1-2 minutes and stopped :( Mobile application shows "low capacity" then stops recording and afther 10 seconds start again. I use a 16GB SanDisk Ultra class10. Does all this mean that the...
  12. G

    Gitup Git2 shaking video problem

    Hi, I just recently bought my Git2 camera and got satisfied on my first few videos. Recently though, I had this problem when I record videos they are shaking tremendously. Did anyone experience something like this before already?
  13. simba86

    Hello from ohio USA!

    hey everyone! I'm pretty new to the dashcam world and I installed one in my car because it always seems like I am always in a near miss with cars crossing center line on me and just crazy drivers in general. my current set up is a DBpower sj4000 action cam in a suction cup mount but I am...
  14. R

    Tutorial for removing fisheye effect in video editing

    Hi, I've just made a video which explain how to remove the fisheye effect on an action cam video: I use Hitfilm Express 3 video, a great freeware for video editing and more
  15. M

    Low cost mount for video stabilization?

    I'm currently using a Iphone5 to capture video. I have it mounted to a Iottie Easy Flex mount: The car is a 2014 Honda accord - not too bumpy. Here is an example...
  16. G

    Xiaomi Yi Z23L really poor night video

    Hi all, Am new here and tried searching on the threads for a similar issue didn't quite get an answer. Now I recently got a xiaomi yi 23L from aliexpress. I like it and seems good enough. I have one issue though, I get good clear daytime videos and am good with the quality, however, night time...
  17. E

    Change video mode without WiFi

    Is it possible to switch between video modes when you don't have WiFi/data avaliable? For example if you are in the woods and you have your camera on recording settings "1080p 60FPS" and want to make a time-lapse or record at "720p 120FPS" how do you change modes without WiFi? Thanks in...
  18. luckylz

    How To: manual exposure in video mode

    While my friend needs to use 6~7 YiCams to shoot VR aka 360-degree video, and facing the issue that different angle will have different exposure value. And I've done many many testing, now finally get the solution for setting manual exposure in video mode. pls use the following steps to test by...
  19. B

    Yi Plus - A mod for switching capture and recording modes

    I've created a program to allow mode and setting changes without connecting to a phone and without needing to reboot. I've only tested it with 1.2.12 and 1.2.13 firmware so I can't guarantee it will work on anything else. Download...