1. kehray

    Cannot export video from Dashcam Viewer to Photos (iOS)

    Hello, Is anyone having the problem of not being able to export downloaded videos in the Dashcam Viewer app to their Photos app on iOS? I always get an export failed message when doing so. I'm on iOS 13.3 with the app version of V 2.3.0. Does anyone have a work around for this? (Other then...
  2. T

    Hit & Run: C̵a̵n̵'̵t̵ ̵ Can make out license plate! - let me know if you cant see it! Hoping for some assistance in making out this license plate. My guess is GPC-174 or 6PC-M74. Clearly it's a red Avalanche. If anyone has better software or wants to assist, I...
  3. T

    Best Car Crash Compilation - Crazy & Insane Car Crashes 2019

    Best Car Crash Compilation - Crazy & Insane Car Crashes 2019
  4. V

    Parking Mode Testing

    How come there are little to no videos or info online about dash cam parking mode ? I just want to SEE an actual example of someone activating and using parking mode instead of just them talking about how it works. Please SHOW examples/videos of this. I want to get a dash cam, but lack of...
  5. B

    My Garmin Dash Cam Mini Review

    I've had my Mini since June, and despite some major overheating issue I really like it. I did a fairly long video review that contains a lot of sample footage and comparisons with and without a polarizing filter: -Brian
  6. longzheng

    B1W videos with lots of pink/purple patches in video

    I've had a Blueskysea B1W for just a little over a year (purchased April 2018) which I've been quite happy with, however just today I noticed that all the videos it has been recording are all heavily distorted with pink/purple blobs, with a bit of green and even blue. The colour distortion...
  7. B

    PhD Research: Need your videos

    Hey Dashcamtalk, My name is Broderick. I am a phd student at Northwestern University. I do research on the judgments people make from video footage. You can see a recent published research here: I am doing a new project that is seeking to understand how...
  8. J

    Unable To Access All Movie Files

    Hi All, My wife got back in from a brief journey and promptly asked me to watch the dashcam footage of a BMW X5 nearly T-boning her. I thought, quick 5 minute job, remove the memory card, insert into card reader, copy/view the files I wish to watch, simples. 2 hours later, having (I believe...
  9. kshyju

    Blackvue 4K video is not smooth when played inside blackvue app

    I got my blackvue DR900S 4K dash cam during this thanks giving from @BlackboxMyCar . When I transfer a recorded clip from the SD card(from front camera) to internal memory via the blackvue IOS app and then plays (inside the app), the video seems to be stuttering at times. Not very smooth. But...
  10. M

    Mobius 1 recording problems

    Mobius firmware v2.41 Problem 1: Recording breaks into 30mins parts . EVEN WHEN SET TO MAX. Type: Mov. Problem 2: Video gets degrade as time passes ... Microsd used for tests: Kingston class 4 microsdhc 8gb Strontium Nitro 433X U1 microsdhc 16gb Going to try other cards later.
  11. V

    A118C B40C from Gearbest problem with video

    Hi,guys. I have a problem with videos on A118C B40C. I've just bought it from gearbest and on my first attempts I realised that on playback videos are 4-5 times faster than normal. My sd card is 32GB Kingston Class 10. Both on the dashcam and on my laptop videos are playing 4-5 times faster. I...
  12. M

    Anyone mod the ZOOM Q2N sound recorder?

    Modify its lenses?
  13. CrodPS

    DL-9600 1080p NOVATEK 96658+Sony 322 Sensor Wireless Dash Cam

    If you are looking for a 1080p dash cam with great video quality, clear night video and that can be controlled via Wifi, have a look at my review of the DL-9600 dash cam. The camera was purchased from the TEQStone store in Amazon Thanks!
  14. G

    Dashboard Glare

    Here is sort of a side-topic on getting the best videos out of your dash-cam. I have a Honda CR-V with a black dashboard. I recently took it to a detail-er to do a complete job on the vehicle. I removed the camera before leaving it there. When I got it back, it looked like a brand new vehicle...
  15. SprinterboyAus

    DC/VA/MD Dash Cam Compilation

    G'day everybody. I just installed the Goluk T3, really happy with it so far. Its been running for a bit over a week now with zero issues. Hardwired and it has "parking mode" which is nice and a little "Capture" remote button that helps you keep small bits of footage if you see something worth...
  16. conceptionist

    Any way to edit AIT chipset based firmware to change bitrate?

    I searched all over the web and found no entry on this topic, I recently purchased KDLINKS R100 rear-view mirror dash-cam from amazon claiming to be 1296p, it's video quality however is slightly subpar to my Galaxy S5 1080 resolution when compared side by side. I was wondering if there is any...
  17. W

    Editing Video??

    I find I am unable to edit the video created by the camera with anything other than the supplied program. Is there a way to convert the video fragments so I can edit them in Adobe? Adobe's Premier and Media Encoder will not open the files. Media Encoder says they are corrupted. Handbreak...
  18. Y

    Pulsating exposure in video lapse mode

    Hi, cam: sj5000x elite videolapse firmware v1.4.5s , the lighting is flat but the video lapse comes out with pulsating exposure in video lapse mode, exposure in normal video mode is smooth. wdr on gyro off 1s between frames what could be causing the issue?
  19. V

    SG9665GC - Video Quality (perhaps the question most frequently asked?):-)

    Hi all, I have just displaced my DR500GW-HD with an SG9665GC to try and address poor video quality and in particular number plate legibility issues. I'm using Beta 27. Settings are all at default, except motion detection turned on. The SG is much better than the BlackVue, except when the sun...
  20. JacobVR

    Native Oculus Rift VR video player with embedded Youtube player

    That's Deo VR video player and you can check controllers below. Main features: - smooth click & play - sagittal plane zoom (it's a killer!) and tilt - streaming from Youtube 360 feed Please let me know if there's anything we can have it better. Titles for playing videos will be added soon.