viofo a129 duo

  1. Wheelr

    Q: Anyone install the rear cam EXTERNALLY? Convertible w/poor visibility softtop

    Update: Went w/A129 Pro Duo. (no idea of where nor how I'll mount rear. I still might attempt an external attachment above license plate) (Amz black Fri sale motivated purchase decision. Though when I initially posted this inquiry, Viofo's in-house 48hr sale (since expired) had a lower overall...
  2. F

    Do I need to update the firmware?

    Hello! I just bought a VIOFO A129 Duo. It's my first dashcam and I'm very excited to use it! So, I read that there is some firmware for this device. Is it something that needs to be installed? I'm hoping to hook the thing up tomorrow, so I'd like to have it installed if needed. I also won't be...
  3. London WitnessCam

    Google Maps in Dashcam viewer

    Hi everyone, I just have a small query connected to a slight but annoying problem regarding the GPS data showing on Google Maps whilst viewing video files on Dash Cam viewer. I am using an A129 Duo Viofo camera and have taken a screenshot still image of video footage whilst my vehicle is...
  4. S

    VIOFO A129 Duo beeping and not going on Parking Mode

    So yeah... pretty much that. The camera is hardwired with the HK3. After like 20s of shutting down the engine and removing the key, the camera enters a beeping mode and doesn't start to record. Sometimes it does start to record but most time it doesn't. Here's a video of how I usually find the...
  5. R

    Is this Viofo 129 Dual good ?

    Hello yesterday I bought the Viofo 129 Dual on amazon and I heard of the quality fluctuations. So now I tested the cam and I dont now if the video quality is as good as the normal quality from the Viofo 129 Dual. I think its not so good because at the day it sough a little bit but you can read...
  6. Eloylb

    360 degree dash cam installation covering all angles with sample footage

    Hi all, I installed 2 dual channel dash cams in my car to have full coverage on all angles. I used a Thinkware Q800Pro and a Viofo A129 Duo. Here's the video
  7. S

    Infiniti Q50 hardwire Viofo A129 GPS Dual

    Bought the Viofo A129 GPS DUAL, BlackVue Magic Ultra Battery B-124, Viofo Hardwire Kit ACC, Samsung Evo 128GB memory card and Bluetooth remote control and some additional cables. Installed into Infiniti Q50 hybrid MY2017 (European). It was necessary to remove A-piller covers, sunvisors, ceiling...
  8. J

    Unable To Access All Movie Files

    Hi All, My wife got back in from a brief journey and promptly asked me to watch the dashcam footage of a BMW X5 nearly T-boning her. I thought, quick 5 minute job, remove the memory card, insert into card reader, copy/view the files I wish to watch, simples. 2 hours later, having (I believe...
  9. S

    Honda CR-V hardwire Viofo A129 GPS Dual

    Bought the Viofo A129 GPS DUAL, BlackVue Power Magic Pro (replaced with Viofo Hardwire Kit), CPL filter, Samsung Evo 128GB memory card and Bluetooth remote control. Installed into Honda CR-V MY2014 (European). I was inspired by @GWN21 instalation described here. Front camera is attached to the...
  10. S

    Manual / guide / set of instructions for how to install a hard wire 129 duo for parking mode?

    Hi all, As a complete newbie in the field of dashcams, I would appreciate if anyone could kindly direct me to a set of instructions on how to set up the hardwire kit with my 129 Duo for parking mode. To be specific, I will take the dashcam to a local shop to have it installed but since this is...
  11. TonyM

    A129 - Wide Angle Lens Modification

    I am using an A129 Duo for side-facing cameras in the fixed rear side windows of my car. I decided to try a lens upgrade to increase the field of view for wider coverage, especially when parked alongside other cars. I removed the original F1.6 lens, and replaced it with a F2.0 C2 lens for a...
  12. M

    VIOFO A129 DUO Questions

    Hello everyone, I am new to dash cams and looking to buy one. I just have some questions to double check my research data. How is the A129 DUO better than the Mini 0906 and why? How reliable is the A129 with weather and gps-speed stamping? I live in the northeast so the weather can be very...