viofo a129

  1. S

    VIOFO A129 Duo beeping and not going on Parking Mode

    So yeah... pretty much that. The camera is hardwired with the HK3. After like 20s of shutting down the engine and removing the key, the camera enters a beeping mode and doesn't start to record. Sometimes it does start to record but most time it doesn't. Here's a video of how I usually find the...
  2. A

    VIOFO A129: first impressions, questions and suggestions for the future

    Hello everybody! For some reason formatting does not work, so i'll have to use **s ;) I've read and followed DashCamTalk for 5+ years now. Purchased Mini-0803 based on DCT's review. Then upgraded to Mini-0805 and was quite happy for a long time. A few months back 0805 started recording...
  3. S

    Infiniti Q50 hardwire Viofo A129 GPS Dual

    Bought the Viofo A129 GPS DUAL, BlackVue Magic Ultra Battery B-124, Viofo Hardwire Kit ACC, Samsung Evo 128GB memory card and Bluetooth remote control and some additional cables. Installed into Infiniti Q50 hybrid MY2017 (European). It was necessary to remove A-piller covers, sunvisors, ceiling...
  4. S

    Honda CR-V hardwire Viofo A129 GPS Dual

    Bought the Viofo A129 GPS DUAL, BlackVue Power Magic Pro (replaced with Viofo Hardwire Kit), CPL filter, Samsung Evo 128GB memory card and Bluetooth remote control. Installed into Honda CR-V MY2014 (European). I was inspired by @GWN21 instalation described here. Front camera is attached to the...
  5. TonyM

    GitUp F1 (A129 lens) & Mobius Maxi & Viofo A129

    For the past few weeks I have been driving with a modified GitUp F1 alongside a Mobius Maxi, to look at some similarities and differences between them. I have previously compared the standard GitUp F1 vs the Mobius Maxi, where the relatively slow F2.8 lens on the F1 created much higher motion...
  6. D

    Blurry unreadable license plates

    Twice I have needed to use the footage from the camera to identify a license plate and neither time could I read it, I have the camera set to high bit rate 1080 60 fps and still my footage is terrible quality. I have tried to use VLC and I bought the Dashcam Viewer software and the images are...
  7. N

    Help Hard-wiring A129 to Nissan Rogue 2013?

    Hi everyone, I recently purchased my first dash cams and saw Viofo recently released the hardwire kit for the A129. I was wondering if anyone knows how to hardwire it to a Nissian Rogue and if I would need to purchase anything else. The kit doe not include fuse tap if that matters...
  8. DashBoat

    Camera shuts down almost right away after power disconnect

    I just installed my A129 and noticed that it shuts down almost immediately after power is removed. No shutdown sound either. I don't have the rear cam hooked up yet. My A119 would stay up for 2 seconds or so and do a proper shutdown. Is there a way of telling if this was a proper shutdown...
  9. C

    Viofo A129 Dual Dashcam Unboxing Video

  10. Nigel

    A129 Under Trees (With some big frame grabs)

    It's been interesting to see how well the A129 does when moving quickly under trees where there is a huge amount of detail to squeeze into limited bitrate. Running with a video bitrate of only 16.4 Mbps all dashcams will go blocky/pixelated unless you are moving very slowly, but some go more...
  11. J

    Viofo A129

    Author's Note: The original review is found at jwtech, please head to the site to show us your support as well. Click here to view all my product reviews. Viofo has sent over their latest A129 dual dashcam for testing. Do note that this is a pre-production unit. So there is no retail box...