1. F

    Is it possible to power a 522GW with USB-A ?

    Hi everyone, I'm new in the Dashcam game and i would like to know if it's possible to power a Nextbase 522GW with a rear window cam... I currently have a "Varta Car Charger Dual USB" and it has a USB type C that I'm using to charge my phone and a USB type A (2.4 Amps) that I would like to...
  2. David Chesler

    Higher voltage hard-wire

    My G1W (battery) is sensitive to low voltage. (I've only found one good accessory circuit and I've got a few electronics off it.) My alternator is good, but when I've got a low voltage in the circuit (e.g. headlights and blower are on, at idle, and I've got other accessories going) the dashcam...
  3. Candalos

    Lukas 9370 draining vehicle battery on "auto" voltage setting

    Hi all, So after leaving my Subaru Forester parked for about 3 days with the Lukas 9370 installed with parking mode I come back to discover that the vehicle has been drained of battery. I've brought it to be replaced and the technician claims that it is the fault of the camera. Everything...
  4. Berserk80

    Driving mode recording also if the car is parked...temperature problem?

    Hi all Sometimes, after work, I go back to my car and I find that the dashcam is recording in Always mode also if the car is parked... This is bad for 2 reasons: it can drain the car battery if the car remain parked for days (I suppose that the camera doesn't check the voltage if it's in...
  5. E

    Need help with setting up the F750!!!

    I just bought the F750 with front and back camera, hardwired it to the fusebox too. I was so excited to see the footage, but then it just let me down.... here's couple questions with the, just wondering if i can change the camera setting, because i couldn't find it in setting. 1. Does the...
  6. J

    Parking Mode/Low Voltage Shutoff Installation?

    I just purchased a CF100 and am getting excited about installing this unit. (Big shout out to Gibson99 for his help.) I have a lack of understanding pertaining to Parking Mode. I think parking mode is either continuous recording or short clips of recording whenever the vehicle's ignition is...