1. pcexpertblog

    Xiaomi Yi 4K - Photo and Video Samples (original files)

    Hello guys, I want to share with you my video and photo samples of the Xiaomi Yi 4K. Here's a video filmed at 4k@30fps - You can find the original video file at this url: https://mega.nz/#!Hw4RDYab!Yj7WJVzwEWE8fh3FVE7LUSjnEY0Foqf8moGHijxjkPM This is a compilation of videos and photos filmed...
  2. B

    Xiaomi Yi preview issue

    Hi guys, i recently noticed an issue on my xiaomi yi action cam: the camera never creates the preview files like file_thm.mp4, but only useless files like file.thm. Using the SuperView script found in this link http://fpvlab.com/forums/showthread.php?45118-Xiaomi-Yi-SuperView-Mod-(-more!) the...
  3. I

    Big problem with new Xiaomi Yi

    Hi friends. I sign up on this forum to try fixing my problem with a Xiaomi Yi that I bought from Amazon last week. First problem was charging, I can't charge this camera, I tried all ways to do it but nothing happens, no LED while it's turn off. I tried to charge it while is turned on but LED...
  4. supermadalin

    International Edition vs. CN Version

    Hello, I'm interested in buying the international version of Xiaomi Yi Car WiFi (found it on geekbuying) but first I want to know if there are any differences in filming quality. I that CN version shooting very well, but on youtube there are no videos with international edition. Can I expect to...

    HOW TO: Stabilizing your video

    Hey everyone, this is my tutorial how to stabilize the recorded video. STEP BY STEP: Download and unzip ffmpeg from https://ffmpeg.org/download.html Extract the 7zip archive (I recommend extract it to root of any partition e.g. C:\ or D:\) Rename the folder to „ffmpeg“ Paste into...
  6. X

    Is there any way to get less of a wide angle video using scripts or firmware hacks?

    Obviously the fish-eye comes from the lens placed in front of the sensor but I havre seen elsewhere footage that is not so wide and only mentions software or firmware hacks. So other than buying another lens, is there perhaps any way to get the software to choose a central area of the footage...
  7. T

    Video playback Xiaomi yi action cam

    Hi everyone. I've had this camera for around a year and I'm running the latest firmware. My biggest concern is that I have to 'download' the videos to my phone (android) or to my ipad. I know on the go pro there is a way to watch the videos via the app without downloading them. Is there a way...
  8. D

    Best Xiaomi Yi Script better than GoPro (2K with 30fps at 25Mb/s)

    After experimenting with scripts for the Xiaomi Yi i finally succeded in creating the best possible footage from the Xiaomi Yi. Below a demo video. Because of youtubes compression it doesn't look as good as the RAW footage. Camera model is Z23L with stock firmware 1.2.12. I did the lens focus...
  9. M

    3 Xiaomi YI as recoders for RallyeCar

    First of all - i'm new here, so please forgive me... i'm looking for information about possibility to mount 3 (or more) Xiaomi YI cams in Car, for multiple angle recording... I'd like to use 3-6 Xiaomi cams for recording our rallye car at stages - interior and exterior The best way will be to...
  10. wakodaf

    Lens comparison : Original vs Gearbest (IR filter)

    Hi guys ! I loaned camera with original lens(NO IR FILTER) from my friend and make comparison footage with my xiaomi with lens from gearbest(IR FILTER). I think i focus my camera better then his so check it out and tell me what u think. I like his blue sky maybe little more then my but there is...
  11. Wesley

    lens rectification

    Im a noob to coding firmware and still a novice with action cams. Brought the Xyaomi Yi and downloaded the app to my Iphone5 and there no lens aberration or len rectification option in the options menu. Is this common for the newer firmware because it was one of the reasons i brought this thing...
  12. F

    Xiaomi Yi Z22L not responding to all scripts

    Hello, I have a Z22L xiaomi yi updated to the 1.2.13 firmware version and using the lastest version of the IOS Yi Action app. The issue I am having is that most of the scripts used in autoexec.ash files have no influence on the final video. To be clear some do work!! Such as turning the...
  13. M

    Script to change file names?

    I'm looking for a script that will change the name of files to something like "CAM100001". Does anyone knows how to do it? Thanks!
  14. C

    Z23L autoexec.ash does not work!?

    Hello, I just got my xiaomi yi this christmas. I got the newest firmware from Xiaomi 1.2.13 for my Z23L. And I have sucessfully readjusted the lens. For this little bit of moey the Videos look pretty cool. But then I have read about the autoexec.ash on this forum. This seems to be very...
  15. G

    Xiaomi Yi Z23L really poor night video

    Hi all, Am new here and tried searching on the threads for a similar issue didn't quite get an answer. Now I recently got a xiaomi yi 23L from aliexpress. I like it and seems good enough. I have one issue though, I get good clear daytime videos and am good with the quality, however, night time...
  16. E

    Change video mode without WiFi

    Is it possible to switch between video modes when you don't have WiFi/data avaliable? For example if you are in the woods and you have your camera on recording settings "1080p 60FPS" and want to make a time-lapse or record at "720p 120FPS" how do you change modes without WiFi? Thanks in...
  17. GearBest

    2019 GearBest Daily Deals

    Hello Guys, GearBest is more than just a shopping site, it's designed for gadget lovers by gadget lovers. We have a passion for all kinds of tech from retro style to the absolute cutting edge. We offer worldwide free shipping for various kinds of Dash Cams, you could check it here. And you...
  18. T

    xiaomi yi scripts

    hey guys i have a xiaomi yi z23L action cam and am looking for a 2k script for it on fw 1.12.13 thx for help
  19. emyhodut

    Wish List for the Xiaomi Yi 2.0

    Don't know if somebody from the Xiaomi Staff actually watches us, but here's my perfect action cam: 1" sensor from Sony, max 8MP (for 4k) or 2MP (for fullHD) for crazy low light gathering 160 degrees field of view lens, rectilinear, with f1.8, detachable from exterior, plus some other lenses to...
  20. GearBest

    [Big News]Original Xiaomi Yi 1080P Car WiFi DVR is coming!!!!

    Update on 25 Nov Hi DCT Friends, Nice day for you. Latest and hottest action camera is arrival!!!!! Pls put your hands up!! This article is from Lucy's cooperator——el Producente: NEW! The Xiaomi Yi Dashboard Camera: It doesn’t look like a new action camera or a successor of the Xiaomi Yi...