A129 Duo IR (Infrared Beta unit) compared to the A129 Duo Viofo.


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Nov 7, 2016
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Update May 2019:
A129 Duo IR now available see link.
Viofo A129 Duo IR

Beta review:
Thought I would start this thread off with a thank you to Viofo / Bill for supplying the sample camera.
Update 31st of May 2019
This first post has been edited to show the flow of testing.
Note the GPS was not reliable in this configuration. This windscreen may have some form of metal tint reducing the GPS pick up but I doubt it.
Many videos and it has been noted that the GPS is just not working reliably. In a car accident the information was useless.
I have also added a video that @viofo asked me to as they didn't feel I represented the device ideally. Remember this footage is from a beta release dashcam. I think this is the only footage that actually shows the A129 Duo IR with passengers!
Screen shot of Infrared working. Notice you can see the back seat passengers faces easily.

Later was advised by Viofo to switch the dashcam in to black and white which would remove the odd colour. I have since found out from Viofo that it requires an Infrared filter which would make the unit bigger for switching between modes.

What happens when the settings are incorrect on the A129 Duo IR

Well lit road at night testing audio and sensitivity of microphone @2:14 Harley riding off

The A129 Duo IR on a dark road with the dashcam pointing into the cabin from the back window.

Sun effect on rear dashcam while driving away from the afternoon sun

See next post for more videos. Each post has a limit.

I hope the culmination of all the videos in one spot will help potential buyers. By all means still read through the thread as there is some great input from other forum members.

Basic facts see @BCHobbyist, he has great facts. https://dashcamtalk.com/forum/threa...-including-infrared-for-uber-lyft-taxi.37628/

First off, the Cabin camera (I’m referring to this way as it is a feature of it.) is supplied with a short cable so you can only attach it close to the front camera on the windscreen. This may change.
  1. Completely different mounting system for cabin dashcam
  2. Cabin camera has the usb port mount on the side of the camera.
  3. Lens holder is able to rotate 180 degrees, so the connector is on the side of the lens.
  4. The cabin camera is slightly larger than the original A129 Duo rear unit. It feels robust and rotates with a very positive clicking motion.
  5. The infrared emits a circular beam that reaches approx. 1 1/2 metres like a torch.
  6. The cabin camera is much more sensitive to IR than the front camera

The unit arrived in a white box with just the word Viofo in gold on it.
I couldn't get over how smooth it opens and shuts. so I created a little video of it.. which took me 6 hours! Yeah, I know why. (Update I have better video edit software now which can automate what I did.... DOH!)

Here's the link for some 20 secs of life wasting YouTube (It is also above in the list of videos)
:) No interference to the box was done other than to lift it up.

Here is the different mounts used between the A129 Duo and the A129 Duo IR.

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Best "unboxing" vid ever :ROFLMAO: I've long been sick of those which take 20 minutes to do what can be adequately covered in 2 ;) Looking forward to the testing (y)

Cont: To many videos in one post
A test to see what amount of energy is drawn from the A129 Duo IR when the LEDs go on.

How the A129 Duo IR operates outside its normal habitat.

Credit to the Uber driver

And a good reason to have a dashcam.. how would you prove this?

And of course this video of a way to waste 21 seconds of your life or 6 hours in my case!

Here is a rig I set up to test the A129 Duo IR.
Totally unconventional but that helps give others an insight in to Viofo gear from a different perspective.
The rig was created so I could measure the IR camera while the front camera reads the voltage and current while also show current temperature of measuring device.
As you can see in the photo it is very primitive but I only wanted a result. Inside the box is a 10A USB power bank that outputs a constant 5V and is capable of going up to 3 amps.

Fun Fact the box was what the Dash Cam was shipped in. No wastage here :)

The box has a purpose and soon I will post some video to demonstrate the variation in the Infrared, on and off with power readings.
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Where can I buy this camera?

This Dashcam is not on sale at the moment but I read they intend to release it end of March this year.
@viofo may be able to supply more details when it will be released.

Check their web site would be the best place.

So will the IR rear camera have improved night vision?
The rear camera is very sensitive to IR compared to the front camera.
Without IR on, it does absorbe more light but it's grainy. However this was a test on my rig on a night where the sky was dark eg no moon.

With the short cable supplied in the test unit it gets mounted on the windscreen and looks into the cabin.
If you are a ride sharing taxi itwill help identify passengers.

I've only managed to get black and white images from it so far.

There is three settings, auto,manual,mono
Auto switches between b/w and a pinkish filter colour which I suspect is it switching off the IR filter but not sure.

Mono and manual requires more tests.
Hope to post some video later tonight.
Using the rig shown above I created a simply video to compare the front and back A129 IR unit.
Note there is extra infrared coming from the security cameras on the porch but they are not that obvious. I only mention for the keen sighted.

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Here is a 3 minute video of the A129 rear Infrared dash cam pointing in to the cabin with the front camera in the corner of the picture to see what light from outside was available.
I also demonstrate the recording ability of the Dash cam with the volume up - something other dash cams distort with.
At approx 2.15min you will hear a Harley idling at a different set of lights than I'm at and the sound of him quietly taking off.... honest he took off quietly lol. Point is the Dash Cam could pick it up.
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At approx 2.15min you will hear a Harley idling...
Haven't heard one of them for ages, unfortunately I can't here either - seems to be something wrong...
You might need to turn up the volume lol Or do you mean you Can't hear?
Now I can hear it, but the music was a bit loud, you will be getting motion blur from the vibrations spoiling the image! :)
Here is some video of the Beta A129 Duo IR with sun glare pointing straight at the rear dash cam.

The rear window is a little dirty and the lines you will see are from the rear window demister. The car is similar to a US Toyota Camry 2007 model.
It’s called an Aurion in Australia but same same basically. Just to give you an idea of the slant on the rear window.

It is recorded in black and white 'I think' as I haven't been very successful in getting the options to work the way I would have expected. e.g. Mono, Auto IR colour, Auto
There's no audio deliberately but there is a tune if you want to hear something.
@Nigel I have published this one :)

Length 3 minutes - very similar footage however it does show some other things like how well the rear cam is fixed to the glass, variations of road ups and downs and the trees blocking then unblocking the sun, and I'm sure other stuff.

good choice of music although a shame to listen to it without the film clip, they do great music videos
I've put the dash cam in another car with the rear camera pointing into the cabin.

This car has a larger cabin.

I've seen some footage and it shows the front seat people in pink Cloths but their faces are normal colour and the seats are the correct grey. Filmed during the day.

I wouldn't know where to start to get that effect with video editing! Looked really cool.
I have to get the footage from the driver and I'll post a picture / video hopefully soon.

The thing that sticks out the most is how the cabin cam doesn't identify when to use the filter (a bit of a guess here re filter,might be software controlled) to let it be in colour or black and white.

At night with the cam pointing into the cabin at times it will switch off the IR I suspect due to headlights shining through the back window.

@SawMaster a little slow responding to your great comment about the 'unboxing' video. It gave me a laugh. Thanks.
I've seen some footage and it shows the front seat people in pink Cloths but their faces are normal colour and the seats are the correct grey. Filmed during the day.

I wouldn't know where to start to get that effect with video editing! Looked really cool.
I have to get the footage from the driver and I'll post a picture / video hopefully soon.
IR cameras can be quite interesting, my car seats are very bright pink in IR colour, but dark blue in human colour, but most of my clothes are fairly normal.

So far, you have only posted monochrome video... boring!