A129 Duo - my initial thoughts as a new owner.


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Nov 19, 2014
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New Zealand
I received my A129 Duo and installed in reasonable time. Not sure the rear cable would be long enough for a bigger car, but fitted my little four door hatch ok. Easy set up though find it very difficult to get into settings. Instructions say turn off recording and click the button with 3 horizontal bars. Not easy but got there in the end. Download the app and changed settings there as this is easier. Not sure why it is difficult. I would have preferred a normal size SD card as the micro is hard to remove, not so bad to insert. The rear camera is excellent! Not sure how to update firmware as the Viofo site says 'Copy the FWA129.bin on the root of the card' But I don't know what that is. Do I just drag and drop the file onto the card?