Blackvue DR380G FW Update!

Discussion in 'DR300' started by B20RRL, Mar 11, 2014.

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    A while a go we announced an update for the DR380. Unfortunately it didn't work for the UK models as the ID was missing the "G" and was released for the Russian units. WEIRD!

    Anyway - Thanks to the guys at Blackvue Shop UK they have managed to get hold of an exclusive firmware for the DR380G which isn't even released on the main Blackvue Site yet!

    Whats New:

    1. Included 'BlackVue Viewer Program (Windows) v2.032
    2. Included 'BlackVue Viewer Program (Mac) v1.001
    3. System stabilizing
    File Size: 39.1Mb

    As we all know, the DR380 is being discontinued so this will probably be it's last update

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